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United States presidential election, 1976
November 2, 1976
Robert vaughn 488px-JimmyCarterPortrait2
Nominee Matthew Sinclair Jimmy Carter
Party Republican Democratic
Home state New York Georgia
Running mate Robert Dole Walter Mondale
Electoral vote 303 227
1976 election ti18
Red states pledged toward Sinclair/Dole. Blue states pledged toward Carter/Mondale.
The United States presidential election of 1976 was the 48th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 2, 1976. The winner was a relative unknown with Jimmy Carter, former governor of Georgia, the Democratic candidate, over incumbent President Matthew Sinclair, the Republican candidate.

In the wake of President Richard Nixon's resignation in 1974, President Ford faced intense opposition from his own party which was trending further right ever since the 1964 election. Prior to Nixon's impeachment, he appointed Ford as Vice President whom replaced Spiro Agnew when he resigned in the light of a scandal that implicated him in receiving illegal bribes when he was Governor of Maryland. Ford selected New York Senator Matthew Sinclair as his Vice President, with the intention of having him as a running mate in 1976. However, President Ford was assassinated on September 5, 1975 in San Francisco, California, allowing Sinclair to ascend to the presidency. The 1976 Republican primary was met with some great opposition in former California governor Ronald Reagan, attempting to unite a faction of conservative members of the House and Senate in an effort to remove Sinclair from the nomination. However, Reagan was ultimately unsuccessful in securing the nomination. Despite being saddled with a poor economy and being tied to the political legacy of Richard Nixon, Sinclair was able to successfully win Ohio and New York and the presidency. Carter, who was less well known than other Democratic hopefuls, ran as a Washington outsider and reformer. Sinclair narrowly won the election against Governor Carter.

One faithless elector in Washington pledged a vote for former Governor Ronald Reagan.

Conventions Edit

  • Democratic National Convention: New York City, NY (Madison Square Garden)
  • Republican National Convention: Kansas City, MO (Kemper Arena)