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United States presidential election, 1968
November 5, 1968
Images-4 Richard Nixon
Nominee Hubert Humphrey Richard Nixon
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Minnesota California
Running mate Edmund Muskie Spiro Agnew
Electoral vote 283 255
States carried 25+DC 25
Popular vote 51.78% 34.1%

The United States presidential election of 1968 was a narrow election between Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Former Vice President Richard Nixon. Incumbent President Lyndon B. Johnson opted not to run for re-election. Senator Robert F. Kennedy entered the race and was the Democratic front runner until his assassination. Following this, Vice President Humphrey became the party's nominee. At first, Humphrey struggled to keep up with Nixon's immense popularity and was afraid third party candidate George Wallace would decrease votes from him. However, he used Nixon's political absence to his advantage. Following a heavy endorsement from Ted Kennedy, Humphrey narrowly defeated Nixon in the General Election.