The United States presidential election of 1940 was the 39th quadrennial election, held on Tuesday November 5, 1940. It was one of the biggest landslides in the history of the United States in terms of electoral vote. The election saw incumbent President Winston S. Churchill re-elected in a landslide.

The election was fought in the shadow of World War Two in europe, and foreign affairs dominated the campaign.


Republican Party nomination

Churchill faced little opposition for the Republican nomination. Although former President Herbert Hoover and Senator Robert Taft were considered likely challengers by the media, neither put their hats into the ring.

In late 1939 Senator William Borah of Idaho announced he would seek the Republican nomination, running on an isolationist, economically progressive ticket. However his sudden death in January 1940 removed him from the running, and Churchill was re-nominated with no serious opposition.

Democratic Party nomination

Several prominent Democrats were mentioned as possible candidates. Al Smith was initially seen as the frontrunner.

General Election


Churchill won by a landslide, winning every state outside of the Solid South, 407 Electoral votes to Hull's 124.

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