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United States presidential election, 1936
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Nominee John Nance Garner Alf Landon
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Texas Kansas
Running mate Cordell Hull Frank Knox
Electoral vote 278 253
States carried 35 13
Popular vote 23,217,255
Percentage 52.25% 47.75%

The US election of 1936 was between incumbent Democrats John Nance Garner and Cordell Hull and challenging Republicans Alf Landon and Frank Knox.

Electoral Vote

Garner/Hull = 278 (35 states)

Landon/Knox = 253 (13 states)

Popular vote

Garner/Hull = 52.25% (23,217,255)

Landon/Knox = 47.75% (21,217,255)

Despite the Garner administration unpopularity, Landon's disability to campaign led to his loss of the election.