The United States presidential election of 1912 was the 32nd quadrennial election, held on Tuesday, November 5th 1912. The election was a three-way contest, and the beginning of the Fifth Party System. Incumbent President William Howard Taft was renominated by the Republican Party with the help of its conservative wing. After former President Theodore Roosevelt failed to obtain the Republican nomination he organised his own convention and formed the Progressive Party. Democrat Champ Clark was nominated on the 40th ballot of a contentious convention.


Presidential Candidate Party Home State Popular Vote Electoral Vote Running Mate Home State
Theodore Roosevelt Progressive New York 37.40% 278 Hiram Johnson California
Champ Clark Democratic Missouri 34.84% 233 Thomas R. Marshall Indiana
William Howard Taft Republican Ohio 20.17% 20 Nicholas M. Butler New York
Eugene V. Debs Socialist Indiana 0 Emil Seidel Wisconsin

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