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United States presidential election, 1876
November 7th, 1876
SamuelJonesTilden Rutherford B. Hayes
Nominee Samuel Tilden Rutherford B. Hayes
Party Democratic Republican
Home state New York Ohio
Running mate Thomas A. Hendricks William A. Wheeler
Electoral vote 189 184
States carried 20 21
Popular vote 4,288,546 4,034,311
Percentage 50.9% 47.9%
Election Map, 1876 (1861 HF)
Electoral Map

The United States presidential election, 1876 was a presidential election, held in November 7th, 1876, which saw the victory of Democratic candidate Samuel J. Tilden against Republican candidate Rutherford B. Hayes.

Tilden, while winning the most delegates and being elected with majority by the people (50.9% against Hayes's 47.9%), won less states than Hayes (20 against 21).