1852 Flag of the United States 1860
USA Presidential Elections 1852
November 4th, 1864
Fremont 18255 lg James Buchanan Millard Fillmore
Nominee John Charles Frémont James Buchanan Millard Fillmore
Party Republican Democratic Know-Nothing
Home state California Pennsylvania New York
Running mate William Lewis Dayton John C. Breckinridge Andrew J. Donelson
Electoral vote 174 114 8
States carried 19 11 1
Popular vote 1,836,072 1,342,345 873,053
Percentage 45.3% 33.1% 21.6%
1856 Presidential Map (1861 HF)
Electoral Map

The United States presidential election, 1856 was a presidential election which saw Frémont (Republican) become President of the United States, defeating Democrat James Buchanan and former President Millard Fillmore, from the Know-Nothing party.