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"United and we stand. We'll not turn into dust no matter how high the threat is. We'll not be vanished without a fight. Stand together, and we survive."-USSA's motto

United States of Southeast Asian, also known as the 'USSA' is a global superpower and a nation in the Southeast Asian region.
United States of Southeast Asian
Timeline: Alternate Timeline
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Flag Coat of Arms

United and we stand. We'll not turn into dust no matter how high the threat is. We'll not be vanished without a fight. Stand together, and we survive. (English, Malay, Chinese)

(and largest city)
Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Jakarta
Language English, Malay, Chinese
Religion Atheism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism
Population 65 million 
Established 8 June 1970


Forming the USSA

After Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia had gained independence from foreign nations, these countries has suffered unstable economies. In 1959, the Malaya's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman wants to unify with Singapore and Indonesia in order to financially strengthen their economy. For instance, the unification meeting was first organized between the Malaya, Indonesia and Singapore, the three Southeast Asian countries all agreed to join into a single nation. So, in 19th July 1963, the countries unified into a single country and subsequently becomes Malaysia.

Although the unified nation, Malaysia sees the great growth of its economy and finance, the nation still wanted to boost its economy. So the Malaysia's Prime Minister met with Brunei's sultan, Sultan Alauddin Iskandar Shah II (in alternate history), they both discussed the unification between the nations. The sultan of Brunei agreed and in 8th June 1970, both Brunei and Malaysia was unified and became a single nation again. The country was officially renamed and are now known as the United States of Southeast Asian in 8th June 1970.

Becoming a global superpower

After the USSA was formed, the country has sees its drastic growth in economy and financial. Thus, becoming a very rich country in Southeast Asian as they're now have the GDP of $10.585 trillion dollars which are higher than the United States before the nation's GDP got surpassed by the US in 2000.

The government has spends $100 billion on military and technologies. In 1975, they've developed many advanced military equipment like aircraft, tank and guns. Their military technology are proven to be very efficient in combat according to a research. In 1976, they started building nuclear technology and tested them. At first, their nuclear test were pretty much a failure, but after the 15th nuclear test in 1979, their nuclear rocket can now reach almost every world. After their first nuclear test was a success, they started to produce nuclear weaponry and now their nuclear weapons had over 1,500. And in 1984, they've became one of the global superpower nation in the world. They are ranked as the third most powerful nation in the world, being behind in the Soviet Union and United States of America.

When the Soviet Union was disestablished in 1991, they were then ranked as the second most powerful nation in the world, being behind the US. They continued developing many kind of technologies and are still growing in economy and nation's strength and power.

War with North Korea

The North Korea's leader, Kim Sung-nam (alternate history) saw the nation's vast resources and economy. Because of this, the communist country had underestimated its power and attacked it in 1999, the leader sent many North Korea's troops to attack and conquer the nation. However, because of North Korea's outdated military weapons, the troops were quickly repelled from the attack as the USSA's military had newer and more advanced military weaponry than them.

The leader again sent more troops to invade the Malaysia's region a week later after their failure invasion. However, the USSA troops that controlled the area had immediately captured all of them as they started to invade. The USSA's president warned Kim Sung-nam that they will execute all of the invading troops if he ever tried to send troops to invade their territory again. Although the USSA had released the North Korea troops 10 days after they sent the message to Kim Sung-nam, Kim again, attempted to launch an airstrike against the nation.

But because of the North Korea's outdated aircraft, all of them were destroyed by the USSA's aircraft immediately when they appeared in the Brunei's region.

Ending the USSA-North Korea war

Fearing that the communist country will invade their nation again in the future, president Lee Chin Yaw of the USSA wanted the military to launch a nuclear rocket toward the Pongyang, the capital of North Korea to prevent any threat. They launched and in 2000, the rocket had successfully nuked Pongyang, resulting in the capital city of North Korea being highly radioactive, however, it did not killed so many citizens in the city as many of them were evacuated after the nuclear rocket had shot down in a huge river in Pongyang.

Because of this terrifying disaster, the Pongyang became uninhabitable for 15 years as the city are highly radioactive. The leader of North Korea apologized and signed a peaceful treatment with USSA. USSA agreed to end the war with North Korea and North Korea promised to never invade USSA again.

Involvement in the Middle East warfare

After the 9/11 event, the USSA helped the US to fight the terrorist group that were responsible for the incident. They both charged and invaded the terrorist group's territories.

In March 2002, both nations had successfully ended the terrorist organization and had eliminated the leader, Muhammad bin Laden (in reality, the leader of the organization are Osama bin Laden), ending the war and resulting the group being disbanded.

Joining NATO and UN

In 2003, USSA had joined both NATO and the UN.

Sino-USSA war

Because of the USSA's vast amount of resources, the China wanted to seize control over the USSA just by force as they aren't aware of the USSA's very advanced military equipment. The China then launched an airstrike on the USSA in 28 June 2008. However, the entire attacking jet fighters were destroyed thanks to the USSA's advanced turrent system that protected around the USSA's territories.

Because of this, the USSA warned the Chinese government to stop attacking their country or they'll fire off a nuclear rocket into Beijing. The Chinese government refused and they sent navy attacks on the USSA's sea territories in 1 July 2008. When the Chinese's ship attacked the USSA's military ships, the USSA's ships were quickly alerted and managed to quickly destroyed the Chinese's ships. After that, the Chinese forces retreated.

In 2 August 2008, the USSA sent a video message to the Chinese government and showed them their nuclear weapons. The China sought help from Russia in order to help the government to seize control of the USSA's territories but they were unaware of the Russia's plan to stop the Chinese attack on USSA as the USSA's government had been on a very friendly terms with Putin despite the USSA's government are democracy and the USSA had told the Russia to betray their communist partner, China.

On 5 August 2008, when Chinese troops invaded, they were first stopped by the Russia armies that helped guarded the USSA's borders. The Russia and the USSA troops quickly overwhelmed the attacking Chinese troops and captured all of them. When the China's attack foiled, the government told the USSA to release their soldiers but the USSA refused unless a peace treaty were signed between the nations and revealed to the Chinese government that Russia had helped to repel the attack from their troops.

On 19 August 2008, two nations had agreed to sign a peace treaty together and promised to never declare a war against each other. The two nations had became a trade partner and became friendly to each other.

Events of World War Three

After the terrorist group, ISIS spread outside of Middle East, both Russia, USSA and the USA occupied most of the countries in the entire world, Russia occupied and protected the Europe, USSA occupied and protected the Asia and USA occupied and protected both North and South America regions.

ISIS invaded Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and many other European nations, and successfully taken over many of them. The Russia tried to push the group back but their effort was a failure, ISIS then spread out to Asia in January 2015, in which was heavily military protected by the USSA. Many Asia people were forced to join the USSA military to defend the Asia regions and to secure the European regions.

They tried most of their efforts, but the ISIS still had managed to take over many Asia lands and resources. The USA then invaded ISIS's territories in Asia with the USSA in August 2015, both global superpower nations managed to push back ISIS out of Asia three months later, they managed to secure the entire Asia and got rid of ISIS presence and influence over the Asia.

In Febuary 2016, ISIS again invaded Russia, but the Russia was able to defend their borders by their government military with the help of both USSA and the US. ISIS then attempted to invade Asia in March 2016 but retreated to the Europe after many of the invading ISIS's troops were killed during the invasion by the USSA.

In 26th June 2016, the USSA and the USA invaded ISIS's territories in Europe and in November 2016, they successfully secured all of the European countries and restored them back to where they were. To end the world war, all countries' government officials in Asia, North and South America and the Europe had agreed to join forces in 2nd January 2017 and a week later, Russia, China, South and North Korea, the US, UK and the USSA invaded ISIS's territories in the Middle East, within 5 days, they successfully destroyed the entire ISIS's base of operations in the Middle East, restoring peace in the Middle East and disbanding the terrorist group. The third world war ended in 23rd January 2017, although the war had ended, all Middle East countries had lost many resources and properties because of the devastating war, other regions like Europe and Asia only lost nothing except for the Middle East.

In order to rebuild the Middle East countries, the global superpowers, Russia, USSA and the US helped and aided fund for all of the countries in the regions and a half of decade later, all Middle East countries had got rebuilt and became rich thanks to the aid from Russia, US and USSA. And poverty in the regions had drastically decreased. All water in the areas has also been cleaned thanks to the US and the USSA's technology of cleaning water. After this war, both Russia and the United States of America's relationship had been drastically improved and tensions had dropped dramatically.

Occupying the Australia

When the people of the Australia revolted against the government due to their corruption and greed, the Australia had been devastated in war and economy in the nation had started to collapse because of the revolution. Because of this, many riots had occurred around the country.

In September 2029, the USSA invaded Australia to stop the riots over the country. Once they invaded and stopped the revolution, they occupied Australia and Australia fell under the rule of the USSA, becoming the state of the nation, they helped to rebuild Australia and became the Australia's new government.

Australia's independence

After 10 years of occupying the Australia, the USSA had finally decided to end its control on Australia. In 2039, president of the USSA, Austin Martson, had gave Australia an independence. The Australia again became a nation and are now economically rich once again. Although the USSA lost its control over it, they both maintained a friendly relationship and both are now a trading partners.

Occupying Thailand

When the Thailand's economy began to be weakened in 2041, the Thai's government wanted to unify the nation with the neighboring superpower nation, the United States of Southeast Asian to secure the country's economy. The USSA president had agreed and thus Thailand became part of the USSA and after the Thailand joined the USSA, the USSA had successfully rebuilding the Thailand's economy and had it secured.

Second Korean War

Prior to the second Korean War, the North Korea had tested its hydrogen bomb in May 2042 and the test was somehow a huge success. Both China and South Korea told the North Korea to stop testing their bomb as it might have an huge impact on the environment but the North Korea's leader, Kim Jung-sam disregarded it.

The South Korea then secretly recruited South Korean into their military to conquer the North Korea in order for both Koreans to unify once again under the South Korea's regime. Around 800,000 South Koreans had agreed to join the military.

South Korea's president, Nam Ming-Jee and the USSA's president Austin Martson had discussed whether the USSA should help the South Korea's military to take over the North Korea. Austin agreed but advised Nam Ming-Jee to not kill any regular North Koreans after South Korea had successfully took over it. Both sides agreed.

On September 2042, South Korea's armies charged toward the North Korea's territories. Their attack was a success and had conquered most of the North Korea's territories thanks to the aid from the USSA Military Service. Pyongyang was captured by South Korea in October 2042.

China tried to protect North Korea from the South Korea but realizing that the USSA were on the Republic of Korea's side. They decided to leave the regime as China didn't want to put their army on the risk and they've already allied with the USSA whom are much more powerful than theirs. So, China had decided to withdraw from the war.

The North Korea's disestablishment and the formation of Democratic Republic of Korea and the end of the Second Korean War

Soon, a North Korea rebel group called the Revolution was created. The rebels even helped the USSA to attack the remaining of North Korea's territories. On December 2042, the second Korea War had ended, resulting the North Korea to completely dissolved and the entire North Korea had unified with the South under the South Korea's regime. A new nation was established between them in Febuary 2043. Naming it the Democratic Republic of Korea. The rebel then joined the new founded nation.

After the war had over, only a small groups of North Korea citizens were injured. All North Korea citizens had also turned into the republican and democracy as the communist North Korea had dissolved. The DRK had quickly recovered from the war. And soon became a very powerful and a rich nation thanks to the help from the USSA.

Occupying Vietnam

When Vietnam's economy had suddenly became unstable in 5 May 2046, the government of the Vietnam had requested to the USSA to occupy the country in order for its economy to regrow again. The government of the USSA had agreed and in 10 May 2046, Vietnam had became fully control under the USSA and became a state of the USSA.


The nation are very rich, they have a GDP of USD40.5 trillion since 1992. They are a very industrialized country, making them very rich in economies. Apart from industrialization, they also focuses on agriculture.

Homelessness and poverty there are very rare as the country are economically rich. Most of the country's building are very-well modernized. Their nation's military budget at estimated to be around US$500 Billion. Their economy are also from their oil reserves and foreign nation trade.

In this alternate history, the USSA has the 7th biggest oil reserves in the oil, and they also have large agriculture and recycling system. They developed a technology which could turn a factory smoke into a fresh oxygen. Because of this, many factory around the world had the smoke turned into a oxygen.

They also have one of the largest car, mobile phone, weapon and several other technology companies in the world which are ranked as the first in the world. They even have their own space program which called 'Humanity Space Travel' or HST for short.

They are also the largest gun trader in the world, being ranked in 1st. Their weapon are mostly sales or purchases from many nations like Taiwan, China, United States of America, Russia and South Korea. Making 46% of their economies, this is largely due to their military technology being so advanced.

They are ranked the 2nd in global economies and 4th in GDP per capita. The first being the US.

Most of their economy comes from many well-funded businesses around their nation, technology manufacturing, agriculture, industries, tourism and so on.


The nation is by far, the most technologically advanced country in the world. They have better military equipment than the US itself. However, the reason why they are still weaker than the US despite being the most technologically advanced nation and a global superpower is because the US has more military equipment and personnel than the USSA.

They also have the largest mobile phone company in the world. They also have the most advanced, best trained aircraft in the world and are better than the US. However, because the US has 25% more aircraft than the USSA, making them easily overwhelmed and outmatched by the US.

They are the first nation to successfully manufactured artificial intelligent robot which acts almost like human. They created the first ever robot named UC-0001 back in 1995, their first manufactured robot are about the sized of a dog but they can do housework and can show emotion expression like human. In the following year, they manufactured more types of robot that are considerably more intelligent and bigger.

They even have their own space program called the Humanity Space Travel or HST for short. The space agency does not collaborate with NASA and built its own space shuttle and space rocket. For instance, the space agency had even successfully landed man on the Moon at some point.

Apart from that, they also have advanced military equipment. As such, they have invented many kinds of guns that have a fast rate of fire, great accuracy and high damage. They also invented many kinds of tanks, aircraft, land military vehicles and navies that are also proved to be very efficient and effective in combat. However, because the US has much more weapons that are only slightly-less powerful than theirs, the USSA military are slightly weaker than the US. The military aircraft invented by the USSA military are very fast and agile, they can also shoot their target in a very accurate rate from a distant areas too. This same goes for the military land vehicles and they are also very durable in combat and are also fast in speed. They even owned many navies and air carrier ships, which can also packed with nuclear weapons. They even invented laser-projectile weapons that could shoot the target with laser at a very accurate rate. Their military missiles are also very lethal due to their great accuracy and high explosive damages. Their military navigation can also very accurately navigate the area and have more processing power than the US's.

Technically, they even successfully built many artificial military robots that can be used for combat, despite this, they decided to not get the robot involved in combat first as they need to research and upgrade more of them to prevent the robot from losing control.

They even invented many kinds of technologies that helps to clean the environment back in early 21st century. As such, they invented a substance that could convert a factory smoke which contains carbon dioxide into oxygen, thus the carbon emission in the atmosphere had decreased by 30% and greenhouse effect had drastically decreased. They even have invented a machine that could help cleaning the water, making it safe for almost entire countries and pollution had dramatically decreased on the globe.

As such, in 2010, both technology companies from the USSA and the US had contributed together to invent robot that could help clean not only individual's homes but the street as well. Less than 3 years later, they successfully invented a artificial intelligent robot that have the ability to clean both houses and streets. Which had cleaned 50% of the globe's environment, because of this, global warming isn't a worry anymore.

Their government's space agency, HST are also focusing on space technology. They have an advanced space rocket and space computing system. They've also launched 5 USSA satellites into the Earth's orbit since 2000, they've also built and launched their own space station which has better designed and are larger than the International Space Station which was built and launched by the US. The space station is called the "World Space Station" or "WSS" for short and its occupants are around 10 astronauts whom were trained, however, the space station's building process has only made it into 6/10 when it first launched into the orbit according to the CEO of HST and it's not fully built yet. In 2007, the WSS has 8/10 building process, the WSS is now bigger and much more upgraded and it can now hosts at maximum of 25 people, the space station now has a long bridge which are connected to the USA's International Space Station. The space station consists of many rooms: 25 bedrooms, 2 laboratories, 5 toilets, a water system room, a meeting room, a space communication room and a launching pad, the space station also costs about roughly $5.5 billion dollars, the bridge there was built in 2006 to allow the astronauts there to go to ISS, which added $3 million dollars.

In comparison with ISS, the WSS is better designed, larger and better upgraded. In order for the astronaut to return home at any moment, they must use the launching pad to return home, otherwise, they couldn't. The WSS is also visible from Earth, it is visibly so large that it looks like that it is so close to our planet but it isn't as its size are big.

The space agency also launched at least three probes into space, these probes are, Jupter in 1998, Satno in 1999 and Voyager 3 in 2001. The Jupter arrived at Jupiter for only 5 months while Satno probe arrived at Saturn's orbit for 5.2 months, the Voyager 3 are sent to go to the outer Solar System and can even lasts for 2 centuries because it is made up of many materials and have an advanced process of power. The Voyager 3 is expected to reach out of the Solar System in 2017. The probe is one of the fastest man-made object to have ever created as it can fly about 75,000 km/s, which means that when it was first launched into space, it has already vanished out of the atmosphere, this is due to the USSA's incredible advanced computing system that allowed it to travel so similar to the speed of light, but is still 20 times slower.

Military Powers

Active Personnel: 3.5 million

Reserved personnel: 4 million

Bases: 30 (local) and 10 (foreign)

Aircraft: 7,890

Military Vehicles: 48,500

Naval Strength: 370

The nation has powerful military organizations, most of which were formed and built by the government itself. Their military's weapon and equipment are mostly made by themselves and their weapon are very lethal in combat. They invented and possessed highly advanced yet very effective weapons that are very efficient in combat, although their military weaponry and equipment are more advanced than the US, the US military are still slightly powerful than them as they have much more weapons which are only slightly less-powerful than the USSA military.

They have their military navigation which are also invented by themselves and are have more accurate navigation and more processing power. They also possesses at much 250 nuclear weapons since 2009, the nuclear warheads are also very powerful that they somehow could have the potential to destroy 10 cities in a row and could reach almost everywhere else in the world and travels at 200 km/h.

They even invented the artificial military robot which can be used into combat. However, the government don't want the robot to be involved in war first and they need to be carefully checked and upgraded as they fear that it would make the robot loses control.

They also built their own navies, tanks, aircraft, military vehicles, ships and air carriers. These vehicles are actually more powerful and advanced than the US. They also have a military testing site which is famously known as "USSA Military Testing Site". The site is very controversial among the country with the foreign nations, similar to the US Area 51, it is rumored to be an alien technology testing site as many residents that lives nearby the testing site had reported of seeing a unique designed yet unidentified aircraft hovering over the air during the night. The site is also a very restricted area like the Area 51 and if anyone attempted to trespass into the site, the person would be given a warning, if they disregarded the warning, they would get shot. Although it is rumored that there is an alien in the site, the government whose owned the site had denied the alien presence in the site and said that it is just a site for weapon and technology testing.

Laws and Systems

The USSA is in fact, a democratic country. Its president are elected, however, it is also technically a communist country as most people living in there has jobs. They also received free health care and most of the properties all communally owned. However, unlike communism, the government aren't corrupted, people there works hard in their jobs, they are free to do many things they like and quality in there are good and they act more like democracy than communism as since all citizens are involved in making decision, there is a broad of loyalty and support, so the nation is democratic and technically a communist country.

In addition, people there are also allowed to buy and own a gun. For instance, citizen of the nation are only allowed to own one just in case for self-protection. However, if one wants to legally own one, he/she must purchase and have a verified gun license from the local police department before they could buy one. Once they owned a gun, they must not use the gun to commit any crime. If caught, the person would be jailed for up to 10 years and his gun will be snatched by the local authorities and the jailed gun owner must pay up to $10,000.

Also, open burning, casual tossing and polluting the water area are illegal, if one got caught, he or she will be fined for $5,000 to $100,000, otherwise, they'll be imprisoned. This also had reduced the pollution of the environment around the country.

Hunting is also illegal due to the government fears of losing the population of animals. So if one got caught trying to hunt an animal, they'll be jailed for 2 decade, thus, many preserved forest will always have a base and soldiers will be guarding there to protect the habitats of the forest. Also, if people wants to cut some trees, they must not cut too many trees and should have it replanted once it's been deforested. Otherwise, the people responsible for this will be fined for $100,000.

Committing a violent crime are an serious issue, as a person will end up getting jailed for many years depending on the seriousness of the crime he committed. If the crime are too serious, the person would face execution, these execution methods are hanging, mass shooting and publicly executions.

However, the citizen of the nation are allowed to freely review the government. The government won't crack down on anybody who views negatively to them as they thought that people should need more freedom to comment on the government. Because of this, 90% reviews on the government are positive.

Since many local police officers guard every areas in the nation, crime rate are low and are only at 5%. However, despite low crimes and strict law, hacking are the most common crime in the nation, however, it is still at the moderate rate.

Government also cares about the citizens of the country. They even offered jobs to those who are living in poverty and even provided them with home. Government are highly sensitive about this and will track anyone who doesn't have a job or home. If they tracked one, they'll send several government agents to visit the people and send them to the government. The government will give them a job and provide them a comfortable home. If it was a child, they'll provide them with a free education.

The USSA is ranked the Top 1st safest countries and Top 1st most helpful and friendly government.

Crime statistic

Carjacking: Very low

Mugging: Very low

Arson: Very low

Robbery: Very low

Drug dealing: Low

Hijacking: Very low

Raping: Extremely low

Larceny: Low

Kidnapping: Very low

Shoplifting: Low

Theft: Low

Hacking: Moderate

Foreign relations

United States of America: Very friendly

North Korea: Neutral

South Korea: Friendly

China: Very friendly

Russia: Very friendly

Taiwan: Friendly

Australia: Friendly

Israel: Friendly

Syria: Friendly

Race and religions


Indonesian and Malay (50%)

Chinese (40%)

British and other white people (15%)

Indian (10%)


Atheism (60%)

Islam (10%)

Buddhism (10%)

Hinduism (10%)

Christianity (10%)


Lee Xin Zhao (1970-1981): Elected after the formation of the USSA, the first president of USSA.

Muhammad Sulaiman bin Hasnan (1981-1990): Second president of the USSA.

Lee Chin Yaw (1990-2005): Third president of USSA.

Muhammad Shafiq bin Ali (2005-2010): Fourth president of USSA.

Lee Shoon Cheng (2010-2027): Fifth president of the USSA

Austin Martson (2027-present): Sixth and the first white president of the USSA.

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