United States of North Africa
الولايات المتحدة في شمال أفريقيا
Timeline: Y2K Cascade

OTL equivalent: Algeria, Tunisia, Fezzan Region, Cyrenaica Region, Matrouh Governorate
Arab Islamic Republic Coat of arms of the Federation of Arab Republics
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Algiers
Largest city Tunis
Other cities Tobruq
  others Berber
President Mohammad Sa'id
Vice President Hamadi Jebali
Population 29,000,000 
Established 2005
Currency North African Rial

The United States of North Africa is a union of 2 countries, 2 regions, and a governorate, in North Africa. It currently is in a massive economic downturn due to the ongoing Cold War with Libya and the military spending costs from the 2008 Invasion of Libya.

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