Vereinigte Staaten von Groß-Österreich
United States of Greater Austria
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg
1919–1933 Österisches Reich flag.svg
Flag of Austria.svg Austria Bundesadler 1919-1934.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Deutschösterreich, du herrliches Land
(German Austria, you wonderful country)
Capital Vienna
Official language Austrian German
Religion Roman Catholicism
Government Republic
 - 1919-1920 Karl Seitz
 - 1920–1928 Michael Hainisch
 - 1928–1933 Wilhelm Miklas
 - 1919-1920 (first) Karl Renner
 - 1933 (last) Adolf Hitler
 - Treaty of Saint Germain 21 October 1919
 - July Revolt 15 July 1927
 - Hitler appointed Chancellor 30 January 1933
 - Enabling Act 23 March 1933
Currency Austrian krone (1919-1924)
Austrian schilling (1924-1933)

The United States of Greater Austria (German: Vereinigte Staaten von Groß-Österreich) was a republic located in Central Europe that existed from 1919 to 1933. Founded during the Austrian Revolution, the new government abolished the monarchy and made peace with Germany and the rest of the allied powers.