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"The Hungarians are all rabble, regardless of whether they are minister or duke, cardinal or burgher, peasant, hussar, domestic servant, or revolutionary"

AUS flag

U.S.G.A Flag

United Statets of Greater Austria(German:Vereinigte Staaten von Groß-Österreich)was a modern federal state that established in 1921.The country's system of government was an executive monarchy.

History:Before 1936

A Protestant Austria

In 1611,Archduke Ferdinand I of Austria,an unknown protestant,suddenly set state religion of Austria as Protestant.Soon Brandenburg captured the throne of Holy Roman Empire.The Catholic states of Holy Roman Empire seize the chance to against Habsburg Monarchy.In 1618,Catholics in Lower Austria were uprising against Ferdinand I,open warfare between Catholics and Protestants broke out.

Thirty Years' War


1st Franco-Austro War

In 1631,France declared war on Austria & defeated Austrians in Pfalz,Austria lost Calais to France.

Captured Bosnia

On Jan 11,1633,Austria proclaimed that Bosnia became a protectorate.Bosnia once belonged to Ottoman Empire,later independenced from Ottoman Empire during Austro-Turkish War.

2nd Franco-Austro War

On Jan 28,1648,Austria,Poland & Spain attacked France & Scandinavia.70'000 French troops met 200'000 enemy troops in Savoie,& defeated.

3rd Franco-Austro War


Habsburg dynasty of Spain

On Jun 1,1716,King of Spain die with out any heir.Charles,a noble from Habsburg House  became the new king.

Seven Years' War


Overseas colonies(New Austria)


Napoleonic Wars


The establishment of Austro-Hungarian Empire


Franz Ferdinand became Emperor






Franz's Reform


Twenties & Early thirties:Conflict & Development


History :1936-1945


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