United States of Colombia
Timeline: Cthulhu Sleeps

OTL equivalent: Colombia
Flag of Colombia Coat of arms of Colombia
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Bogota
Largest city Bogota
Language Spanish
Religion Catholicism
Government President
Population 6,754,221 
The United States of Colombia is a Moderately sized Federal Republic with a constitution. The Nation itself was previous known as New Granada and was part of the Nation of Gran-Colombia which was a large multifaceted nation built on Simon Bolivars dreams which ultimately failed.

Following its short stint as Gran-Colombia the nations split into various republics such as Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. The United States of Colombia is currently one of the few largely unaffected and largely prepared nations that is currently fighting the mass influx of pacific monsters and various other creatures attacking various southern American nations throughout the continent.


The emergence of various creatures from the Sea and their attacks on the shipping lanes and naval forces of the Great powers had led Colombians to previously believe that hope for their nation was essentially non-existent and that many should give up. However this outside threat brought the many various squabbling parties throughout Colombia together to form a highly powerful coalition government which instead of promoting purely Colombian nationalism, has created a largely unstoppable political force that is Super-National known as the Federalists or Fed's for short. This party itself by 1867 had spread to Venezuela, and Ecuador in large numbers, and was spreading to central America and down into Peru and Chile. This party itself is extremely powerful regardless of its very recent beginnings and essentially has the full agreement of most Colombian political parties and a few Venezuelan ones as well.

Just post-emergence Colombia embarked on a large program to base its economy on a system of labor taxes with other major incentives to keep people going until the nation had secured its own survival amidst the ever more Dangerous world. Being extremely unified unlike other nations at this point, the nation of Colombia is managing to expand its population extremely fast and has even established various contingencies to protect the bulk of its country from a Outside invasion, Monster or Otherwise.

Along side this Colombia has enjoyed large successes against the larger sea based monsters by engaging in direct combat, and luring the creatures into large scale traps with natural obstacles or weaponry. Colombia is largely responsible for the lack of major monster attacks and their push through northern South America, and is essentially acting as the armed forces of various nations. The Serrano Plan dubbed by a now deceased scholar is considered to be one of Colombia's largest successes as it essentially used the Thick and nearly impassable Amazon jungle to the South and the Mountains of Colombia to establish a well defended safe zone that is to be considered Colombia's core are of defense as it is far from the ocean, and ringed by the now heavily defended mountain range.


Since the outset of the Monsters dubbed "Caliso" by the government and military, the Colombian military has held its ground with a force of nearly 350,000 strong, The Men missing from the workforce are taken from the women who are not caring for large groups of Children. As it stands however Colombia has enjoyed the most successes against the Colosi as they have been extremely proactive in attacking them before they can reach port cities or make major assaults on naval or army forces along the coast as well. The Navy has also played an integral role in stopping the Caliso advance as new ironclads with wedge/ram noses have been deployed to effectively combat the creatures. Even Kraken have begun to leave Colombian ships alone as well seemingly learning that the ships are too much trouble to take on.

The Military is also keen on the Federalist Party as it looks for survival rather than nationalism and has created many kindred spirits among the Colombian troops and countries they go too because of their selfless sacrifice to save South Americans from the ever increasing monster Attacks. Some of the most recent development are the extending of the Serrano Doctrine to include Ecuador in local military movement, and creating a North Chilean safe zone in an attempt to save as many people as possible in Chile.


The Colombian economy while mostly minor in the previous global system has become a local powerhouse overtaking Venezuela, Peru and other local powers except Brazil as a heavily reorganized system based on survival and not true economics has allowed for Colombia to build up its industry and become a agricultural powerhouse to provide for refugees and its own ever growing population. While some Colombian businessmen believe that the nations withdrawal from the global system was extremely premature and could have had drastic and far reaching consequences. While this was extremely true the collapse of colonial empires in various areas has led to Colombia being the leading economy in the area with relatively minor amounts of its economic areas and cities attacked or outright destroyed.

The Colombian system which is essentially based out of necessity of the Serrano doctrine has brought out a hard working class of people working towards a better tomorrow. The Government which reaps the benefits of surpluses and mass industrialization and agriculturalization has brought vast amounts of basic material surpluses to the government which is then re allocated. While inherently a very governmental controlling doctrine it maintains the support of the people and maintains support in the legislative and judicial branches as well seeing it as a necessity for the time being. This type of Economics however can be easily overturned by Congress in order to restore Colombia to a more normalized economic system in the Area.

The relative ease with which Congress could remove this type of legislation gives truth to its popularity in action. While granting the government mass amounts of martial law and emergency powers it does not make them immune to corruption which is strictly watched for in the Economy. The first semblances of Corruption are dealt with swiftly (in which it is large scale case and not stolen food or goods.) With Colombian population growing quite a bit, and the push for normal economics to be restored in full. However, many do not know how the nation will re-emerge into the scene of global standing but most think it will be for the better especially with the nations new industry and agricultural production rates as well as its newly developing defense industry.


The Government of Colombia is a republic with separation of powers into executive, judicial and legislative branches. Its legislature has a congress, its judiciary has a supreme court, and its executive branch has a president. The citizens of Colombia cast votes concerning their government, and they employ a public sector office for an inspector general to oversee the public interface of the government. This safeguards the public, and guarantee the human rights spelled out in emergency constitutional update of 1866, which provides the framework for a welfare state and a unitary republic as well. The Government while previously very fractured and dis-unified became a very highly powerful and influential entity that became massively successful following their successes against the monsters.

Serrano Doctrine

The Serrano Doctrine was a plan drawn up by a young scholar that was more or less brainstorming about how to defend Colombia from these new attacks by monsters if they ever came onto land. The Doctrine included using the Colombian mountain ranges, and the Southern Amazon to hold as natural defenses to be held by the Armed forces. While modified to include a plan to hold Coastal Colombia it has essentially been enacted and the Mountains of Colombia are fortified as much as possible to prevent any breach by Colosi or otherwise. The Military has gone as far as to give "Miguel Serrano" the highest civilian honor available.

Along with this Colombia has taken the plan further than first planned. The Safe Zone has been turned into an Agricultural Powerhouse as the Coalition government pushes for the betterment of its infrastructure and ability to produce food rather than rely on anybody else for it. This expansion in agriculture as well as the ever expanding industry has led to Colombia being able to support its new growth quite easily. While people are noticeably unhappy with some of the working conditions and hours, they are easily incentivised by the fact that the Colombian armed Forces with the huge civilian production capabilities are some of the only successful South American Armed forces that have managed to secure their own nation from falling apart.

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