United States of America
Timeline: Vive La Revolution Reloaded!
US flag with 36 stars by Hellerick Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
Flag Seal

E Pluribus Unum (English)
("Out of Many, One.")

(and largest city)
Language English

The United States of America is a large nation located in North America. It currently has 36 states.

List of States

Flag State Capital Other Information
Alabama Montgomery
Arkansas Little Rock
Connecticut Hartford
Delaware Dover
Florida Tallahassee
Georgia Atlanta
Illinois Springfield
Indiana Indianapolis
Iowa Des Moines
Kentucky Frankfort
Louisiana New Orleans
Maine Augusta
Maryland Annapolis
Massachusetts Boston
Michigan Lansing

List of Territories

Sioux Territory
Rapa Nui Territory

List of Protectorates

Flag Nation Capital Other Information
Kingdom of Hawaii Honolulu
Kingdom of Tonga
Kingdom of Samoa Malietoa
Kingdom of Tahiti
Kingdom of Fiji
Kingdom of Rarotonga
Kingdom of Tuvalu

List of Wars

United States Civil War
Date 1865 - ?
Location North America
Result Unresolved

US flag with 36 stars by Hellerick United States of America
FrenchFlagFrench Empire
Flag of the Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire (Supplies Only)

American Protectorates

Kanaka Maoli flagKingdom of Hawaii
Kingdom of Tahiti
Flag of TongaKingdom of Tonga


Confederate Rebel FlagConfederate States of America
700px-Flag of Mexico AIC.svgAztlan