The United States of America or USA was a major political, cultural, economic, ect, ect. power (big important country) in North America from 1776 to 1984. It took part in all three world wars and was a major ally and heavily contributed to the success of the first two world wars. It fell apart in the pockmarked wasteland of America in 1984.


The territory of the USA was first inhabited by people about 12 thousand years ago by immigrants that crossed the Bering land bridge. In 1620 the pilgrim fathers crossed the Atlantic Ocean and the USA became divided between France and Britain. The eastern seaboard gained independence in 1776 under George Washington as President. In 1803 the Louisiana purchase occurred removing France from North America and almost doubling the territory of the United States. Texas became part of America in 1845 and from 1861-1865 a civil war was fought in America between the north and the south. The north side won under Abraham Lincoln and slavery was abolished in the USA. After the civil war the population grew faster as people went to America for a better life. The country purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867. A decade after Teddy snipped the isthmus in 1904 the Great War broke out in Europe. The United States, being isolationist, stayed out of it until 1917 when America got fed up with U-boats sinking her passanger ships and declared war on Germany. The allies won and America became viewed as a utopia to come and live in. However, in the '30s the stock-market crashed and Americans rushed to the banks to retrieve their money before it was too late. The bank workers subsequently barricaded their doors and took cover. The new deal was brought out by Theodor Roosevelt Jr. in 1933 which recovered the economy. The second world war started in Europe in 1939 when Winston Churchill saw Hitler was ignoring the scoldings he was being given and invading more countries. The USA was isolationist again until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. The USA was a major ally and supplied supplies as well as sending soldiers. Germany was defeated in 1945 and the USA had to prepare an invasion of Japan. That was until some folks made a bomb, tested it and temporarily blinded their friends. In 1945 a uranium nuclear bomb called Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima and destroyed, blackened, burnt, radiated and polluted the city and killed almost all residents. Hirohito would not surrender so another bomb, a Plutonium one called Fat Man was dropped close to Nagasaki and the war ended. After that Eisenhower and Stalin had a decade-long, super intense staring completion while they bombed the Pacific. Russia and America where soon at war and they both set of a few missiles (especially Russia) and forgot all about the Geneva convention and the UN. Craters appeared all over America and messed up its topography. Many places became radioactive and Mexico was invaded. The capital switched numerous times and bomb and fall out shelters were built in such size and number that Switzerland was embarrassed. Today the United States of America is a developing country, clinging on to what's left of the Appalachian Mountains.

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