The United States rivals Great Britain, Russia and Germany as the top power in 1914. It is the largest country in the world. It is commonly refered to as America.

The United States of America
Timeline: União de Sul África
US flag with 60 stars by Hellerick No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Washington, District of Columbia (not to be confused with the state Columbia)
  others Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish
President Albert A. Gore
Vice President John F. Kerry
Area 19720000 km² (does not include territories or overseas possessions) km²
Population 350,700,000 
Independence from Great Britain
  declared 1776
  recognized 1783
Currency Dollar


The US has sixty states in 1914:

A map of the US in 1914

  1. Alaska
  2. Pacifica
  3. Columbia
  4. Washington
  5. Oregon
  6. California
  7. Jefferson
  8. Hamilton
  9. Idaho
  10. Nevada
  11. Utah
  12. Arizona
  13. Madison
  14. Montana
  15. Wyoming
  16. Colorado
  17. New Mexico
  18. Jackson
  19. Dakota
  20. Cheyenne
  21. Nabraska
  22. Kansas
  23. Texas
  24. Sequoyah
  25. Hudson
  26. Minnesota
  27. Iowa
  28. Missouri
  29. Arkansas
  30. Superior
  31. Wisconsin
  32. Illinois
  33. Michigan
  34. Indiana
  35. Kentucky
  36. Tennessee
  37. Mississippi
  38. Labrador
  39. Quebec
  40. Ontario
  41. New York
  42. Ohio
  43. Pennsylvania
  44. Appalachia
  45. Virginia
  46. Carolina
  47. Georgia
  48. Maryland
  49. Delaware
  50. New Jersey
  51. Connecticut
  52. Massachusetts
  53. New Hampshire
  54. Nova Scotia
  55. Rhode Island
  56. Vermont
  57. Maine
  58. New Brunswick
  59. Newfoundland
  60. Caribbia



Independence & Rise to Power

Imperial America

Government and Politics



The United States maintains one of the most elite, advanced and well trained armed forces in the world. It is on the cutting edge of technology, employing armored cars, bolt-action rifles and the newest breed of machine gun.

Founding to the Civil War




The phrase "everything is biiger in Texas" does not exist, though one occasionally hears "everything is bigger in Alaska", as it is undeniably the largest state of the union.


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