United States of America
Timeline: These Fractured States of North America

OTL equivalent: northeastern United States except New England and Vermont
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Baltimore
Largest city New York
Other cities Washington, Philadelphia
  others Native American, French
President Al Gore
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
Independence July 4th 1776
Currency US Dollar

Considered the most powerful nation on Earth today, the United States maintains a large military, as well as having the largest economy behind California. Although extremely rich, it does have problems; millions of immigrants have crossed or tried to cross the border with the Confederate States of America to escape the slavery many face in the South. It also is faced with the continued issue of Vermont, which has lead it into three wars with New England, the most recent being the May to July 2005 'Lake Champlain War'.

It also, throughout its history, has had a very aggressive and unstable relationship with its southern neighbour, the Confederate States of America. Although these issues have long since died away from the public, a few diehards (notably the Northern Sons and American Union of Fascists) continue to press for the US annexing all of its neighbours.

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