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United States of America
Timeline: The Purple Mantle

OTL equivalent: United States minus the Southern States, Alaska and Hawaii
US flag with 22 stars by Hellerick Greater coat of arms of the United States

E Pluribus Unum (Latin)
(""Out of many, one"")

Anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner"
Capital Washington D.C.
Largest city New York City
Other cities Baltimore, Boston
  others Nahuatl, French
  others Catholic
Ethnic Groups
  others Native, Black
Demonym American
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
  legislature Congress
President Jack Thomas
Established 1789
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared 1776
  recognized 1783
Currency Dolar
Time Zone UTC -5 to -10 hours
  summer UTC -4 to -10 hours
Internet TLD .us

As a powerful nation in the North has competed with its neighbors since its inception. Currently it's composed of 22 States.


XVIII Century

1775: The Thirteen Colonies of North America reach the independence from the Britain Empire with help from the French Kingdom and The Aztec Empire.

XIX Century

1865: Thanks to secret Aztec Intervention, The Confederated States of America gains its definitive Independence from the United States.

1883: The plans for a reunification of the Confederated States of America with the United States is thwarted once more by the Aztec Empire allied to the Tawuatinsuyo due to the distrust these nations has for the Manifest Destiny Policy the U.S. has been presenting.



Political divisions

the States 

State Capital State Capital
Maine New Hampshire
Vermont Massachusetts
Rhode Island Connecticut
New York New Jersey
Pennsylvania Delaware
Maryland Ohio
Indiana  Illinois
Michigan Wisconsin
Iowa Minnesota
Kansas North Lusitania (OTL:California)
Oregon South Lusitania (OTL:California)


Flora and Fauna




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