United States of America
US flag 49 stars
National motto: In God We Trust
Language: English
Capital: Washington D.C.
President Mike Huckabee
Vice President Tim Pawlenty
Area 9,634,120 km²
Population 246,232,402
Independence from Britain
  Declared 1776
  Recognized 1783
Currency: US Dollar

The United States of America is an industrialised country with a large economy in North America. In The Kaiser's New Clothes timeline, the United States pursues an isolationist foreign policy and has not intervened significantly in the world, in addition that it loses the territories of Texas and New Mexico during the Great War against Porfirio Diaz Mexico; leading to a decrease in its international cultural impact (though it still remains one of the dominant global powers). Significantly, the U.S. possesses no nuclear weapons in this timeline, and in fact has rather a weak military for a nation of its size. It is economically powerful, and for many years was involved in a trade war with Europe; while this conflict still exists, the current and previous American administrations have succeeded in making a number of steps towards a more healthy Euro-American trade relationship.

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