United States of America
1776 –
US flag with 52 stars by Hellerick Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
In God We Trust (official)
E Pluribus Unum (From Many, One; Latin, traditional)
"The Star-Spangled Banner"
Geographical location:
Location of the USA (Soviet Defeat)
Location of the United States.
Washington, D.C.
Official languages: None at federal level 1
National language: English (de facto) 2
  - President:
  - Vice President:
  - Speaker of the House:
  - Chief Justice:
Federal Constitutional Republic

  - Declared:
  - Recognized:
  - Current constitution:
From the Kingdom of Great Britain
July 4, 1776
September 3, 1783
June 21, 1788
Area: 9,826,630 km² (3rd/4th)
Population: 429,770,903 (3rd)
  - Total:
  - Per capita:
2008 estimate
$24.503 trillion (1st)
$43,444 (4th)
GDP (nominal):
  - Total:
  - Per capita:
2008 estimate
$25.704 trillion (1st)
$43,594 (11th)
Gini (2006): 47.0
HDI (2005): 0.951 (high) (12th)
Currency: United States dollar ($) (USD "$")
  1. English is the official language of at least 28 states — some sources give a higher figure, based on differing definitions of "official." English and Hawaiian are both official languages in the State of Hawaii.
  2. English is the de facto language of American government and the sole language spoken at home by 82% of Americans age five and older. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language.

The United States of America is a nation that spans parts of two continents.


The United States had undergone the Wall Street crash due to an unregulated stock market. The government attempts to mitigate it, via the Smoot Hawley Tariff Act, which only made it worse. This led to the Hoover Administration being ousted in the 1932 elections. The new President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, began his first 100 days by introducing regulations as well as bills improving infrastructure. However, many economists say he worsened the Depression.

In 1945, for the first time sine the War of 1812, the continental United States was attacked directly when a German experimental missile was test fired over Washington, D.C. This led to the Treaty of Stockholm, which gave the British holdings in the Caribbean to the United States. After the war, Germany and the United States began carrying favor across the world. Germany, through its strength and the propaganda used after defeating the Soviet Union, and the United States, through the fact that it is the only power in the world capable of defeating Nazi Germany and was the last free place in the world. The United States decided to improve infrastructure in its Sphere of Influence (South East Asia, Britain, Iceland Latin America, Liberia, Ethiopia and the Pacific) in order to make them viable allies. This led to the greatest aid package in human history, called the Bradley Plan. President Truman also oversaw the creation of the Free World Alliance.

The Cold War kicked off to a very hot start, with Juan Peron's invasion of Chile. This was called the Patagonian War. This led to the United States getting its allies in the Americas to join a coalition to defeat Argentina. By 1955, Buenos Aires had fallen. With the Perons dead, the Patagonian War was over. This has led to Argentina's admission into the Free World Alliance in 1970. But it got nowhere near as tense as when the Cold War reached space, with the Germans constructing a nuclear missile platform. This has led to tensions being even hotter than ever.

By the early twenty-first century, the United States, along with Germany, China, India, Britain and Brazil, had a military presence in space.

Science & technology




The United States is the world's leader in nanorobotics.



OSS - While it is not a military branch per se, the Office of Strategic Services grew out of the Army during World War 2. As a result of the stalemate with Germany, the OSS was made an independent agency. Details about the OSS are classified and there have been very few peeks into what is possibly the most secretive organisation in history. After 1962, to join the OSS, you have to be in the Marines, the Navy, the Air Force or the Army for at least six years in active service as well as have an honourable discharge.

US Army - The Army of the United States. It is known to have state of the art hardware, with the MacArthur tank being among the most advanced tanks in existence. As well as that, the Iroquois gunship is also considered the deadliest aircraft of its time. The new M-81, based on the original M-47, is the standard issue rifle of the US Army as well as other armies in the FWA.

US Navy - The United States Navy has enjoyed being among the most advanced navies in the world, with the Guyana class battle cruiser being among the deadliest in the world.

US Air Force - The Air Force has the latest in advanced technology, with the F-36 Kestrel being capable of Mach 4 speeds. Their complement of C-54 ground attack aircraft can also make any tank into a pile of burning metal. The Air force holds control of the US strategic missiles.

US Marine Corps - It is known that they have the toughest training regime among all the branches. They also receive state of the art technology when it is ready. Their special forces branch, known as Omega force, is among the deadliest in the world.


One of the largest groups in the United States is Russian Americans, which is the fourth largest minority after African, Irish and German Americans. The Second Generation of the Diaspora produced an infusion of the Russian Work Ethic. This, combined with the ideology of the Free Market, has led the United States to have some of the most diligent workers on the planet.



After the Diaspora of Russian-Americans, American politics became more hawkish, with the Cold war being a dominant topic.

Relations with Germany

The Relations between the United States and Nazi Germany have been very tense ever since the end of WW-II. Both countries are locked in a struggle for their ideologies winning out. Thus, the world is now in a struggle between Freedom and tyranny.

Relations with the rest of the world

The United States is a founder of the Free World Alliance (Like the UN OTL), and has been maintaining cordial relations with other FWA members, namely Ethiopia, China, India and Brazil. It was the infusion of American capital that revitalised Latin America and created the Economic Miracles in Asia. The United States has an often tense relationship with the Commonwealth of Oceania, the most powerful non-aligned nation on earth. with Oceania First currently in control of the Oceanian Parliament, the relationship has recently gone downhill, and it remains to be seen what may eventuate from this.

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