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United States of AmericaTimeline: Rise of the South
OTL equivalent: United States of America
British 13 Colonies 1776-Present
In God We Trust
Star Spangled Banner
CapitalWashington DC
Largest city New York City
Official languages None
Regional Languages English, Spanish
Government Constitutional Republic
 -  President Rutherford B. Hayes
Legislature Congress
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house House of Representatives
 -  Total 7,000,000 km2 
2,702,715 sq mi 
 -  1870 census 38,555,983 (9th)
The United States of America is a nation-state located in North America and is bordered by Canada in the north, the Confederate States of America in the south, and by Mexico in the southwest. The USA was originally part of the British Colonies and declared its independence on July 4th, 1776 and its independence was internationally recognized on September 3rd, 1783. The official constitution, however, wasn't adopted until June 21, 1788.


British 13 Colonies

French and Indian War

Growing Tensions

Revolutionary War

Federalist Era

Jeffersonian Era

War of 1812

Era of Good Feelings

Democrats vs. Whigs

Mexican-American War

Growing Tensions

American Civil War

Early Confederate Victories



Middle Confederate Victories




Union Retreat

Confederate Advance



Post American Civil War

Domestic Policy

International Policy

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