The USA is a superpower located on the North American continent. In this timeline it is virtually identical to our timeline, however in this timeline the Aso had contacted the U.S. Governmnet since the late 1800's. Many Aso Kingdoms had maintained diplomatic relations with the U.S. especially since the Svarian Union's threat to world peace, during the 1940's many Aso had immigrated to the United States however as they werent recognised as Humans they weren't subject to the white only immigration laws. Many managed to form communities in California, Florida and Texan esturaries sometimes socialising with Humans, Many Aso managed to set up fishing companies where Aso would capture other fish such as Mackerel and Sardines with fishing nets, during the 1980's the federal reserve started printing waterproof dollars for Aso to use.


Many Aso gangs operate in the waters of Los Angeles and Miami, often smuggling weapons as well as drugs, after all trying to arrest fish is very hard indeed.

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