United States of America
Timeline: Revolution!

OTL equivalent: United States minus Maine, Great Lakes States, Hawaii, California, Alaska, portions of New Mexico, Texas and other states
AlternateMuricanfleg18stars Greater coat of arms of the United States
Flag Coat of Arms
North AmericaRev!Map
Location of the USA (Dark Blue)

United We Stand (English)

Anthem "Star Spangled Banner"
Capital Philadelphia FD
Largest city New York
  others German, French, Spanish and Chinese
Religion Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Islam,and Judaism
Demonym American
Government Federal Republic
  legislature Congress
President Bernie Sanders
Vice President Tammy Baldwin
Population 250 million 
Established 1776
Independence from Great Britain
  declared 1776
  recognized 1777
Currency US Dollar
Internet TLD .us
Organizations Atlantic Treaty Organization, Union of Nations


Formed during the American War for Independence in 1776, the United States of America has been a beacon of freedom in North America, especially throughout the Cold War. After being defeated by the UK, Quebec and the Netherlands in the War of 1812, the USA sought to expand their borders westward, sparking the ideology of Manifest Destiny among the American people.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia, many of the original 13 states had been dissolved via the States Reorganization Act of 1812, to streamline the process of elections, since a smaller amount of states would lead to a more efficient government.

Cold War

Post Cold War History



Foreign Relations

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