United States of America
Timeline: Rebellion Victory
US flag with 32 stars by Hellerick Greater coat of arms of the United States
National Flag Coat Of Arms
Map of the United States of America

"In God We Trust" (English)

Anthem "America The Beautiful"
Capital New York City, NY
Largest city New York City, NY
  others Spanish
  others Catholic
Demonym American
Government Federal Republic
  legislature United States Senate

United States House of Representatives

President Hillary Clinton (2012-)
Population 200,000,000 (est.) 
Currency United States Dollar

The United States of America, often referred to as "The United States" or "The U.S." is a Federal Republic comprised of 32 different "states". 30 of the 32 states are located in the mainland, between the southern border of Canada and the northern border of the Mexican Republic. The state of Alaska is located northwest of the mainland, near the Bering Strait, while Hawaii is located off the west coast in the Pacific Ocean. 

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