United States of America
1776 –
US flag with 64 stars by Hellerick Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
In God We Trust (official)
E Pluribus Unum (From Many, One; Latin, traditional)
"The Star-Spangled Banner"
Geographical location:
Location of the USA (Ready for the Mother Country)
Location of the United States.
Washington, D.C.
Official languages: None at federal level 1
National language: English (de facto) 2
  - President:
  - Vice President:
  - Speaker of the House:
  - Chief Justice:
Federal Constitutional Republic

  - Declared:
  - Recognized:
  - Current constitution:
From the Kingdom of Great Britain
July 4, 1776
September 3, 1783
June 21, 1788
Area: 18,826,630 km² (2nd)
Population: 304,330,200 (4th)
  - Total:
  - Per capita:
2007 estimate
$12,6 trillion (2nd)
GDP (nominal):
  - Total:
  - Per capita:
2007 estimate
$12.8trillion (2nd)
Gini (2006): 47.0
HDI (2005): 0.951 (high) (12th)
Currency: United States dollar ($) (USD "$")
#English is the official language of at least 28 states—some sources give a higher figure, based on differing definitions of "official." English and Hawaiian are both official languages in the state of Hawaii. #English is the de facto language of American government and the sole language spoken at home by 82% of Americans age five and older. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language.

After the Second Great War (Ready for the Mother Country), the USA evolved into one of the three most powerful nations on earth alongside Russia and China, particularly because of gaining Canada after the war. this has been a double edged sword, as the Canadian Resistance has plagued the US for years, and even assassinated President Kennedy. Its GDP is roughly 90% that of Russia, but it still has a formidable military.


There are 64 States in the Union after the annexation of Canada.


The USA has one of the highest birth rates in the world, with 30 children per 1000 born every year. Because of militias playing a key role in the Second Great War, there is far lighter gun control, and thus there is more crime by firearm. this means America has the highest murder rate in the world, and there are many who try to tighten the gun laws.

List of Presidents

George S. Patton (1949-1953) Republican

Harry S. Truman (1953-1961) Democrat

John F. Kennedy (1961-1967) Democrat

Robert F. Kennedy (1967-1969) Demcorat

Donald H Rumsfeld (1969-1977) Republican

Ronald Reagan (1977-1985) Republican

George H W Bush (1985-1993) Republican

Bill J Clinton (1993-2001) Democrat

John McCain (2001-2009) Republican

George W Bush (2009-Present) Republican


Army: The US Army is one of the toughest in the world, with their new Powell tanks, M6 assault Rifles, and Sioux Helicopter gunships, and are rivalled seriously only by Russia and India.

Navy: The US Navy is one of the most deadly in the world, and is a two ocean fleet. Their new Pacificia class battleships with 6 turrets, CIWS weapons systems, Tactical cruise missile pods among other weapons.

Marines:Some of the toughest trained soldiers in the world, the USMC is a force with very few equals, which include the Russian Spetsnaz. Osnaz, Vityaz and the Chinese Shadow Tigers.

Air Force: One of the most advanced air forces in the world, and second only to Russia. Their F-35 fighter is one of the deadliest aircraft to ever enter the skies. The new A-12 Eagle bomber are comparable to the Tu-225 bombers of the IRAF. The USAF is also investing in UAVs that have been very effective in Afghanistan and Canada, as well as in other counterterrorism operations across the world.

Space Corps: Founded in 1999, around the same time as the Russian equivalent. With limited funding, the Space corps are restricted to space stations and other installations in space. There have been recent efforts to catch up to Russia in space development. Halliburton recently gained an asteroid from the belt, which sent its stocks skyrocketing in the NYSE. President Bush has vowed to give the Space Corps more funding after it was revealed by the OSS, in their Global Notebook that they are way behind Russia.

OSS: While not a military branch per se, the OSS is the intelligence unit for the US government. They are active in Covert Operations and Counterterrorism operations across the world and have been very active in Afghanistan and the Middle East. One infamous incident was the overthrow of the Brazilian Imperial family after they were restored by Russia after the Second Great War. Many say that was one of the factors in the cold war. The OSS was also implicated in various events worldwide such as the corruption scandals surrounding the 1956 Thailand affair, where the Russia leaning Prime minister was forced out by a military coup

They have also been involved in funding decolonisation movements in Africa and South East Asia as part of the cold war with Russia (who has been backing Colonial powers since the end of GW2.). The OSS was also caught funding Mobutu's militias which stopped when evidence of CLA (congo Liberation Army) atrocities were came to light. They also funded the Vietcong in Vietnam which led to the Russians getting directly involved in a war which led to c. 60000 Russian dead and est. 2 million vietnamese dead and massive emigration to America. Another controversial scandal came about when the Russians were trying to bring Nicaragua into their sphere of influence that lead to the Iran-Contra Scandal where the partisans (contras) were given aid by the americans which they got from selling weapons to Iranian rebels.

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