The United States of America is one of the superpowers of Earth, in direct opposition to the USSR. The United States currently has the largest presence in Near-Earth space, and a virtual monopoly outside of the Earth-Moon system.

Defense and military funding for the United States have continually increased since 1964.

Presidents of the United States since JFK

Lyndon B Johnson, 1969-1973
Hubert Humphrey, 1973
Richard Nixon, 1973-1974
Gerald Ford, 1974-1981
Ronald Reagan, 1981-1989
Gary Hart, 1989-1993
Pat Buchanan, 1993-1997
Bill Clinton, 1997-2001
H. Ross Perot, 2001-2005
Richard Lamm, 2005-2009

Interceptor Crisis (1982)

The US and USSR reached another face off in 1982 as the fleet of US Air Force Interceptors rolled off the assembly line, only to face of with Russian Okhotnik craft. For the period of 30 days from November 14th 1982 until December 13th, 1982, the USA and USSR were the closest since the Cuban-Missile Crisis to mutual annihilation.

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