United States Of America
United States/America
Flag of the United States
Official language English
Capital Washington DC
President John F. Kennedy Junior.
Vice President Barack Obama
State Ideology Capitalism
Population Population
Establishment 1776
Currency Dollar

Since the defeat of Nazi Germany, the United States is effectively the most powerful nation on earth, in spite of having to repel a massive invasion by Germany. During that war, nuclear weapons were used en masse in Germany, obliterating Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich and Frankfurt.

Since then, America along with Britain and France, has been in an endless war with the GLF. This war has seen the hijacking of planes and the destruction of the White House, the Capitol Building and the Empire State Building, along with the radiological attack of Washington.

With Europe Denied to the Soviet Union, the Cold War now shifted to Asia, Africa and Latin America, where communism is on the rise, although they help in funding the IRA and other Marxist movements in Europe.

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