US flag 25 stars


America, the land of opportunity! Now, this young nation has clearly defeated the might of the British Empire two times! After a second peace treaty with Britain was signed in 1814, parts of Canada were given to the victorious Americans. This new nation has expanded and expanded like wild fire, until recently. America was counting on the fact that Mexico would gain independence from Spain, and America would be able to steal some land in the process. Now that the Mexican Revolution has been stopped, it looks like if the U.S.A. wants to expand, war with Britain will once again occur. If this happened, America would now not only have to attack Canada, but also the Caribbean. These islands cry out for Democracy, and should be liberated from foreign rule. In Europe, America finds itself to be an ally of Napoleon. This may not be a good thing, because it seems that many nations (especially Russia) hate America merely because of Napoleon I. A continent stretches away into the distance. America is full of amazing opportunities...

Dark Blue is America

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