The United States of America
(Eye of the Storm) us-eagle
Official language(s) English
Capital Boston
Largest City New York
Religion Secular
President Gerald Verson
Vice President Franz Voulpi
Party Green
Population 567, 789, 554


From the United Kingdom
July 4, 1776
October7, 1800
Currency Amro
Regime Military-Dictatorship

The United States is one of the most advanced countries of the world and based on the European Union model proposed the Amro, which at the moment equals two pounds and is exactly on par with the Euro. it has a mission objective of capturing the UCSA. Its original capital, Washington, was bombed four times and after one president was killed, Angelique Demenso, it was deemed unsafe. Before Angelique, however died she set up relations with Canada. The United States then had a vote for a new capital within its Senate, and the following cities' names were there: New York, Boston and Philadelphia. In the end, Boston was chosen, and the President set up office there. After negotiating with the United League of Nations (New World Order), the UCSA was also force to cede its lands west of Phoenix and north of Cheyenne, but this also brought the two countries to the brink of war!

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