United States
Official language English, some French and Spanish.
Capital Washington D.C.
Population 100,000,000
Area 2,470,873
Highest Point Mt. Rainier
Government type: Democracy
President Barack Hussein Obama
Vice President Joe Biden
Independence 1776 (from the UK)
Currency Dollar (USD)
Religions various, mostly christian
Military Forces 1.2 million men

The United States of America, more commonly known as the United States, the USA, or the US, is a country in North America.

The United States declared its independence from Britain in 1776, after it gained its independence, it fought hardly to emerge as a power, but its progress was hampered because the French, their allies in the Revolutionary War, refused to sell them the territory of Louisiana and engaged in trade rarely.

The US was forced to become self-sufficient for the first years of its existence. It bought the territories of Florida and Oregon from Spain and then claimed the Indiana territories as two new states. The Maritime Colonies of Canada decided to join the United States since they were surrounded by hostile French forces. Oregon is formally admitted as a state and soon after the USA annexed Hawaii as their 20th state. After Hawaii was annexed, Spain sold Cuba to the US and Mexico, and Eastern Cuba became the 21st state of the USA.


The United States was born when the Thirteen Colonies achieved independence from the United Kingdom. They were mostly surrounded by Louisiana and Quebec for much of their initial years, preventing a rapid growth of their economy, population, military, and power overall. The United States annexed some lands to the west of the original colonies, but was still surrounded by enemy powers. By early 1800's the US had to produce and manufactured their own goods, so they resorted to slavery to boost their economy.

With free labor and advanced techniques, the US was able to self-sustain itself and later on was able to trade with the United Kingdom after resuming diplomatic relations. The US annexed the Maritime colonies, Florida, and Hawaii all peacefully.

In 1870, when slavery was starting to die off in the northern USA, and due to various political and social reasons, the United States Civil War broke out.

USA napoleon's america2

The United States of America (bar Hawaii).

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