United States of America
Timeline: Mosley's Britain
(and largest city)
Washington, DC
  others Spanish, Native languages, other minority languages
President Dick Cheney
Vice President Rudy Guliani
Area 9,631,420 km²
Population 299,102,261 (2006 est.) 
Established 1776 (declared from United Kingdom)
Currency U.S. Dollar

World War 2

Since Oswald Mosley came to power The USA became tense with Britain and entered a Cold War with it, beginning an arms race between the two powers. Afraid of British imperialism, Mexico Asks to join the USA alongside other Central American states and Colombia, which the US readily admits. By the time the USA go to war with Britain and Japan The USA has developed fighter jets and computers (Alan Turing fled to the USA because of Mosley instituting a death penalty for Sodomy) and encompasses Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. They develop a Coalition with the USSR, Muslim Coalition , China and Italy (Mussolini fell out with Hitler ATL).

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