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United States of America
Timeline: King Washington
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

In God we trust (English)

Anthem "Star Spangled banner"
Capital Washington DC
Largest city New York
Language English
Currency Dollar
The United States of America is a royal nation located in North America expanding into Canada, Mexico, the West Indies, Africa, Central America, and Oceania. The nation at first was built with the idea of a constitutional-democracy. But George Washington and his idea of a monarchy halted the democracy which resulted in a greater, American superpower.


The American Revolution

Wanting to stop British occupation, the 13 colonies of America rebelled. George Washington led the Colonial Army to fight the British. The major turning point for the colonies was on September and October 1777, the Battle of Saratoga. The war continued until 1781, when the British army under Cornwallis in Yorktown surrendered. Not long after came the Treaty of Paris in 1783 which officially gave the colonies independence from Britain. George Washington became the first president of the United States on April 30th, 1789.

Birth of a monarchy

Early years of the nation

The Montgomery Rebellion

As the Industrial Revolution began in the United States, Robert Washington the 3rd made a speech on slavery in 1862. It talked about how the revolution is bringing more jobs and how the nation should rely on slavery to hold it which he also talked of how the working class is the backbone of the nation. A few months after the speech he made new act. The act stated that slaves will only be used as gardeners, servants, work in the colonies, ect. This allowed people to take jobs and no heavy reliance on slave labor. This act was going good for all of the nation except for a few states in the south. Many plantations in Georgia and Alabama refused to give up their slaves, soon this act of rebellion began to spread across the south.

While the state government in Georgia wanted to send a heavy armed police regiment, Robert believed that this was like the Whiskey Rebellion. So Robert send the 111th New York battalion, a experienced and well trained military regiment, to march through Georgia to eliminate the rebellions. This was going good but when those in Alabama heard of this, many of these rebellions gathered in Montgomery to hold of the military. They assembled a militia and took the town hall while fighting off the police. When the 111th arrived, they supported the police and soon infiltrated the town hall eliminating the rebels. Major slavery had been officially abolished and the 111th remained in Montgomery for a time to secure the town. This is where the "111th New York march" comes from and the "Marching through Georgia" march.

Industrial Revolution


Washington dynasty

George Washington the 1st

Washington the 2nd

Robert Washington the 3rd

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