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United States of America
Timeline: King Washington
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

In God we trust (English)

Anthem "Star Spangled banner"
Capital Washington DC
Largest city New York
Language English
Currency Dollar
The United States of America is a royal nation located in North America expanding into Canada, Mexico, the West Indies, Africa, Central America, and Oceania. The nation at first was built with the idea of a constitutional-democracy. But George Washington and his idea of a monarchy halted the democracy which resulted in a greater, American superpower.


The American Revolution

Birth of a monarchy

In 179, Washington annouced the establishment of a American Monarchy, crowning himself king of the United States of America. Yet the monarchy would be a constitutional monarchy, with the Senate making it up, like Parliment of England.

Early years of the nation

The Montgomery Rebellion

Industrial Revolution


Washington dynasty

George Washington the 1st

Washington the 2nd

Robert Washington the 3rd

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