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United States of America
Timeline: King Washington
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

In God we trust (English)

Anthem "Star Spangled banner"
Capital Washington DC
Largest city New York
Language English
Currency Dollar
The United States of America is a royal nation located in North America expanding into Canada, Mexico, the West Indies, Africa, Central America, and Oceania. The nation at first was built with the idea of a constitutional-democracy. But George Washington and his idea of a monarchy halted the democracy which resulted in a greater, American superpower.


The American Revolution

Most of the people who had lived in the 13 colonies had came their with the idea of new lives free of kings and monarchs. This had come true for a short time. Unrest had increased in the colonies for multiple reasons. Britain had reacted to this with more acts along with more troops, marshal law, and curfews. Unrest was high and the colonies were ready for a change. The colonies began to unite to drive out Britain and create their own nation. They had stocked up on weapons and ammunition and had minutemen militias ready to fight. Eventually they formed a continental army which was used along with minutemen to fight the British. The Continental Congress had eventually formed a union with state representatives to forge the union and fight off the British. The union had been successful and fought off the British. The United States had been born and independent of Britain. They were now becoming a democracy... a democracy that would last for a short mount of time.

Birth of a monarchy

The 13 states had forged a loose union from the Articles of Confederation. The small democracy lasted until 1785, when Washington was preparing to become king and would turn the Union into a democracy. He had been preparing his speech and the plans for his new nation. With the assistance of Royalists, Washington started a campaign to increase his overall support for when he crowned himself, he would have support. Their propaganda worked and he received more support form the people as Washington revealed his idea and gave a speech about his new idea. He promised the people riches, great and clean cities, one great army that would scare Britain, Spain, all those who were threats to them, and much more.

The Continental Congress was opposing the idea, saying that the point of the revolution was to escape monarchs and bring a fair government to the people. But with his growing support, the people began to oppose Congress and demanded that Washington deserved a chance as a king and deserved to see how the Union would turn out. On July 4th, 1784, Washington crowned himself king of the United States of America, and turned the US into a monarchy.

Early years of the nation

The nation had began to grow in the years especially as a monarchy.

The Civil War

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