The United States of America
Timeline: Italy Victorious
Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
None, English De Facto
  others Spanish, indigenous languages
President Theodore Clarke IV
Vice President Franklin Holland
Area area km²
Population population 
Independence from Great Britain
  declared August 2, 1776
  recognized September 15, 1783
Currency Dollar
US flag 48 stars   Members of the United States Commonwealth   US flag 48 stars

United States of America


United States of the Kongo | Indochina | United States of the Caribbean


Formosa | Kyushu | East Indies | Panamá | Rio Grande | Guiana | Yucatán | American Antarctic Territory



Revolution and Federation

The British colonists were initially angered at the inequality of the colonies to Great Britain. This anger grew with the Royal Proclamation of 1763, which prohibited settlement beyond the Appalachians. This feeling arose because the colonists had paid for the fertile lands of the interior with their blood in the French and Indian War, and now they were prohibited from settling it. This was increased by the many taxes levied on the American colonists to pay for King George's war.

The territorial issues only worsened after the Great Famine of 1769.

Expansion and Industrialisation

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