Republic of the United States of America
Official English
Capital Washington DC
Head of State -


The USA of the the 1930s and 1940s was leaning toward isolation from the rest of the world. With Europe becoming increasingly socialist, some in the country feared that unchecked immigration could import socialist ideas and threaten the established system.

Playing on those fears, various groups came together to form the America First Party which took power in the late 1940s.

Currently, the unofficial voice of the party is the "Radio Priest", Father Charles Coughlin



Propaganda poster of the mid 1940s

After the AFP came to power, an act was passed whereby any crimes commited that resulted in a jail sentence would incure the loss of citizenship. Non Natives born persons would be deported once their sentence was served while native born ones would have the choice between exile or staying as resident aliens withe limits placed upon them as per their new status.This act was passed mainly as a way to target the party's political opponents under sedition laws.

People considered Resident Aliens are issued with passbooks which they must carry with them at all time and be presented on demand by any law enforcement agent. They are barred from government work or any deemed by the government to be sensitive. Note that being born on US soil doesn't automaticaly grant citizenship if the parents are not citizens themselves.

Flag code

For the text of the flag code see here

Shortly after taking power, the AFP introduced legislation to modify the national flag and people's behaviour toward it.

The pledge of alliegance of the United States of America was an unofficial oath written in the late 19th century by Francis Bellamy and which became quite popular all through the country. The AFP adopted a slightly modified version of it which was made not only mandatory in some circumstances but also legaly binding.

Although not mandatory, many civilians, especialy AFP members, have taken to giving the salute when passing the flag on a building or when entering a room decorated with one.

Government Organisations

Internal security is handled by the United States Secret Service.

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