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United States of America (Fatherlands)

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United States of America
Timeline: Fatherlands
Flag of the United States Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
Flag Coat of Arms
USA map
United States in green

In God We Trust (official) (English)

Anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner
Capital: Washington D.C.
Largest city: New York City
English(de facto),None at federal level
  Other languages: Deutsch ,Chinese ,Irish
Type of government: Federal presidential constitutional republic
  government: Representative democracy
President: Barack Obama
Vice President: Joe Biden
Area: 9,826,675 km²
Population: 3.122E+8 
Established: 1776
Independence: from Great Britain
  recognized: 1783
HDI: 0.889
Currency: United States dollar ($)
Internet TLD: .us
Calling code: 1
Organizations: United Nations, Allies Nations

United States of America is the largest countries in North America. USA is one of superpower. USA is a proper country just like Germany and China.

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