United States
Timeline: Centralized Empire
OTL equivalent: US
. AD 1776 - Present
In God, we trust
Star-Spangled Banner
CapitalWashington DC
Largest city New York City
Official languages English
Regional Languages Spanish and many others
Ethnic groups  White: 77.7%, African American: 13.2%, Asian: 5.3%, Natives: 1.2%, Pacific Islanders: 0.2%, Multiracial:2.4%
Demonym American
NAFTA Central Nation
Government Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
 -  President Barack Obama
 -  Vice President Joe Biden
 -  Speaker of House John Boehner
 -  Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.
Legislature Congress
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house House of Representatives
 -  American Independence 1776 AD 
 -  American Independence is granted 1783 AD 
 -  Adoption of Constitution 1788 AD 
 -  Total 9,857,306 km2 
3,805,927 sq mi 
 -   2013 estimate 318,968,000 
Currency US Dollar

This is the living superpower of the world. First in Economy, Military Spending, stockpile of active Nuclear Weapons, and Size of EEZ. Second in stockpile of Nuclear Weapons. Has oil, uranium and many valuable materials. One of the members of five permanent members of UNSC.

They used to have a rival, Soviet Union, but after USSR's defeat, no nation could usurp nor even dare to think about its supreme position.


Boston Tea Party Now a Superpower, but once US was a colony of UK. Before UK put unrealistic taxes on American soil, great heroes of founding fathers rose to fight against the bloody Brits. However, the cause needed to happen. So pretended "Native Americans" burned tea from England. This marked a war to come.

Administrative divisions

50 States and one special district (Washington, DC).

Geography by States

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