United States of America
Timeline: British Baltimore Win
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
  others German
President John McCain
Area 4,259,194 sq. miles km²
Population 306,000,000 

The United States of America is a country in North America made of 52 states and one federal district.


War of 1812

The War of 1812 changed America forever. The soldier who killed British Major-General Robert Ross was killed during the Battle at North Point allowing Ross to survive. He then led his army into Baltimore where the Maryland Militia was defeated. The USA asked for peace. The British agreed and the Treaty of Baltimore was signed. America had lost Washington DC, Baltimore, and their pride.

Workers of America Party and General John Samuelson

After the War of 1812 the USA was thrown into disorder. James Madison exiled himself to Africa and Andrew Jackson was elected president. Jackson tried to bring joy to the US by eliminating the Indians in southeastern America but since the British put a limit on the size of the army the wars were tougher. The British also supplied the Indians with weapons. The US was even more mad at the British. In 1820 the Workers Part of America was formed by General John Samuelson. The Worker's Part was extremely popular with the public. The party was not the most honest as the May 1st Massacre, the murder of 30 British people, was orchestrated by them but the public did not blame them. In 1824 Samuelson was elected president of the USA. He declared himself dictator. The public was happy with this as long as Samuelson was leader. A group of Americans were not happy with this and tried to assassinate Samuelson. The shooter shot Samuelson through a window but he missed. Samuelson ordered his private army, the Secret Protection Service, or the SPS, to hunt down this group. The group was never caught and their member's identities were unknown to this day. Samuelson raised the army to its maximum.

War of 1830

Samuelson wanted war with Britain. The war did happen starting on September 2, 1830. That day America invaded the Indian State created by the British. America quickly overran it. Britain then invaded the East Coast again but a better US army prevented them from making large gains. America also invaded Canada gaining the states of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario. Britain made a few gains in the southern US, they took New Orleans and the Florida Keys. The War seemed to have ended in an American victory as America gained lots of land.

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