United States of America
Timeline: Bonaparte Victory

OTL equivalent: United States of America minus otl Confederate States of America, Alaska and Hawaii. plus New Brunswick, Newfoundland and parts of Quebec.
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
Capital Washington, D.C.
Largest city New York City
Language None (de jure)

English (de facto)

Ethnic Group American
Demonym American
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
  legislature Congress
President Viktor Yanukovych
Established March 1, 1781
Independence from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
  declared July 4, 1776
  recognized September 3, 1783

Political divisions of United States of America

1 Delaware,

2 Pennsylvania,

3 New Jersey,

4 Connecticut,

5 Massachusetts,

6 Maryland

7 New Hampshire

8 New York

9 Vermont

10 Kentucky

11 Ohio

12 Indiana

13 Illinois

14 Maine

15 Missouri.

16 Michigan

17 Iowa

18 Wisconsin.

19 Deseret

20 Minnesota.

21 Kansas

22 Kanawha

23 Nebraska

24 Colorado.

25 Dakota

26 Cascadia

27 Lincoln

28 Jefferson

29 Newfoundland

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