United States Of America
Timeline: Atomic World (Map Game)
Flag of the USA with 67 stars by BF1395 Coat of Arms of the United States (King of America)
Flag of the Post-Atomic United States Of America Coat of Arms

In God We Trust (English)

Anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner"
Capital Cheyenne Mountain
Largest city Colorado Springs
Language English
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Group White, African American, Native American
Demonym American
Government Federal Republic (Under Martial Law)
  legislature Executive Branch (Emergency Powers)
President Robert McNamara
Vice-President Robert F. Kennedy
Population 77,144 
Currency USD
Time Zone CST

The United States Of America is a pre-war nation in North America. It is one of the few pre-war governments to survive the Atomic War. It is a Federal Republic, centred in the former NORAD Command Centre in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. It, alongside the Soviet Union, was also one of the main belligerents in the Atomic War (WWIII).

Founded in 1776, the USA has a long and storied history. However, it was nearly brought to the brink of destruction in the Atomic War and only survives as a small enclave in Colorado. It is currently under martial law and administered by former Defense Secretary and current President, Robert McNamara.

It, as of 1964, currently consists of 77,144 men and women living in Colorado Springs and Denver. Its territory also consists of central Colorado and all of the outlying military facilities in the state. The US Armed Forces is a 25,000 man strong force and possesses some left-over US Military equipment inside the NORAD bunker, such as M113s and UH-1 Huey transport helicopters, as well as several main battle tanks and fighter aircraft.

It currently has diplomatic relations with the Australian Confederation, Siberian People's Republic, Islamic Alliance, Welsh Rebellion Front and the Alliiance Of Northern English Nations. It is allied with New Zealand and the Northern English Alliance. It does not recognize the Final Command as a legitimate entity and is in a unofficial armistice with them.




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