United States of America
Timeline: A United Kingdom of Scandinavia

OTL equivalent: United States of America and Puerto Rico
US flag with 53 stars by Hellerick Coat of Arms of the United States (King of America)
Flag Coat of Arms

E pluribus unum (Latin)
("Out of many, one")

Anthem "Hail, Columbia"
Capital District of Columbia
Largest city New York City
Language English and Spanish
Religion Secular state
Demonym American
Government Parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy
  legislature Congress
Monarch Robert
  Royal house: Hohenzollern-America
Prime Minister Barack Obama (D)
Currency United States dollar
Calling Code 1
Internet TLD .uc
Organizations UN, NATO

The United States of America, also known as the USA or US, is a Nation in North America.

States within the union

The UCA is divided into 53 states.

  1. AlabamaFlagUCA Alabama
  2. Flag of Alaska Alaska
  3. Flag of Arizona Arizona
  4. Flag of Arkansas (Hocker) Arkansas
  5. Flag of California (1776 UCA) California
  6. Carolina Flag Carolina
  7. Flag of Colorado Colorado
  8. Flag of Connecticut (1861 HF) Connecticut
  9. DelawareFlagUCA Delaware
  10. FloridaFlagUCA Florida
  11. US-GA flag proposal Hans 1 Walton
  12. Flag of Hawaii Hawaii
  13. Flag of Idaho (1861 HF) Idaho
  14. Illinois Centennial Flag Illinois
  15. Flag of Indiana (1861 HF) Indiana
  16. Flag of Adirondack (13 Fallen Stars) Iowa
  17. Flag of Jefferson (1861 HF) Jefferson
  18. Flag of Kansas (1861 HF) Kansas
  19. Flag of Kentucky (1861 HF) Kentucky
  20. Flag of Lincoln (1776 UCA) Lincoln
  21. LouisianaFlagUCA Louisiana
  22. Flag of Maine (1861 HF) Maine
  23. MarylandFlagUCA Maryland
  24. Naval Ensign of Massachusetts Massachusetts
  25. MichiganFlagUCA Michigan
  26. Minnesota North Star Flag Minnesota
  27. Mississippi 2001 flag proposal Mississippi
  28. Flag of Missouri Missouri
  29. Flag of Montana (1861 HF) Montana
  30. Flag of Nebraska (1861 HF) Nebraska
  31. Flag of Nevada (1861 HF) Nevada
  32. Flag of New Hampshire (1861 HF) New Hampshire
  33. Flag of New Jersey (1861 HF) New Jersey
  34. Flag of New Mexico New Mexico
  35. NewYorkFlagUCA New York
  36. NorthDakotaFlag-OurAmerica North Dakota
  37. Flag of Ohio Ohio
  38. Flag of Oklahoma (1925-1941) Oklahoma
  39. Flag of Oregon (Russian America) Oregon
  40. Flag of Mackinac (1861 HF) Ontonagon
  41. Flag of Pennsylvania (13 Fallen Stars) Pennsylvania
  42. Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
  43. Flag of Rhode Island (1882-1897) Rhode Island
  44. Flag of South Dakota (1861 HF) South Dakota
  45. Flag of Tennessee Tennessee
  46. Flag of Texas Texas
  47. UtahFlagUCA Utah
  48. Flag of the Vermont Republic Vermont
  49. US-VA flag proposal Achaley Virginia
  50. Flag of Washington (1776 UCA) Washington
  51. Flag of West Virginia 1861 HF) West Virginia
  52. Flag of Wisconsin (1861 HF) Wisconsin
  53. Flag of Wyoming (1861 HF) Wyoming