United States of America
Timeline: A Northern Wind

OTL equivalent: North America, Philippines, German Papua, West Africa(Gambia to Ghana)
United States of America flag (Mondo de Scopatore) Great Seal of the United States (King of America)
Flag Coat of Arms

E Pluribus Unum (latin)
("Out of Many, one")

Anthem "Battle Cry of Freedom"
Capital Washington DC
Largest city Los Angeles (1859-1947), New York City (1947-present)
Other cities San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Mexico City, Charleston, Chicago, Boston
  others Spanish (illegal), French (not recommended)
92.6% Christian
  others Judaism, atheism
Ethnic Group 91% European, 9% other
Demonym American
Government neo-fascist republic
  legislature Congress
President George Bush
Vice President Paul Ryan
Area all of North America feet
Population 548,270,420 est. 2016 
Established 1776
Independence July 4th, 1776
Currency US dollar

The US has had a hard time throughout its 240 year history. The USA lost its civil war. Then because a massive empire, annexing North America and part of West Africa by 1962.

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