Timeline: A Different World

OTL equivalent: Canada, United States, Northern Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica
US 38 Star Flag concentric circles Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
Flag Coat of Arms

E Pluribus Unum (English)

Anthem "The Star Spangled Banner
Star Spangled Banner instrumental
Capital Washington, District of Columbia
Largest city New York
Other cities Chicago, Toronto, Boston, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Miami, Atlanta, Montreal
  others French, Spanish
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Groups
  others African, Hispanic
Demonym American
Government Republican Democracy
  legislature Congress
President Barack Obama
Vice President
Independence from Great Britain
  declared July 4th, 1776
Currency Dollar
Time Zone {{{timezone}}}
  summer GMT+1
Calling Code 1
Internet TLD .en

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