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United States Midterm Election, 2002
November 2, 2006
Dennis Hastert (President McCain) Nanci Pelosi (President McCain)
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 71,458,049
Percentage 58.24% 40.61%
President before election
Republican Majority
Elected President
Increased Republican Majority

The Elections for the United States House of Representatives and Senate on 5 November 2002 was in the middle of President John S. McCain's first term. Although it was a midterm election, redistricting and the War on Terror allowed the Republicans to gain a net eight seats in the House of Representatives and two in the Senate, solidifying their majority. Together with gains made in the Senate, it was one of the few mid-term elections that the party in control of the White House gained congressional seats (the other such mid-term elections were in 1902, 1934 and 1998).

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