The United States gubernatorial elections of 2014 will be held in twenty-seven states to elect their governors on November 4, 2014, concurrently with the general election of 2014 (House and Senate). The National Party will defend 21 seats, and the Democratic Party will defend six.

Term-limited Nationalist incumbents (4)

Matthew Tran (Huron)

Matthew Tran, Governor of Huron, is ineligible to serve consecutive terms in office as per the constitution of the State of Huron. He is as such term-limited in 2014.

Lieutenant Governor Tim Hudak has announced he will run in the National Party primary, where he will face State Senator Tim Schuyler (N-Sault Ste. Marie) and conservative activist Sandra McKeen. The primary will be held on April 1, 2014. As neither Hudak nor Schuyler cleared the 50% mark required to avoid a runoff, they will both instead face one another on May 6.

On the Democratic side, former Yorktown Mayor David Miler faced U.S. Rep. Sandra Pupatello in the April 1, 2014 primary, with Pupatello emerging victorious with 54% of the vote. 2010 Gubernatoiral nominee and former Attorney General Kathleen Wynne, 2006 Gubernatorial nominee and US Senator Dalton McGuinty and Yorktown social activist Rajeet Puthrapurna all declined bids.

John Akey (Ohio)

Ohio Governor John Akey is term-limited in 2014.

Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted is considered the frontrunner in the Nationalist primary to replace him. U.S. Representatives Mike McGuire, Ed Stark and Linda Howard are also potential candidates.

On the Democratic side, former Attorney General Bill Broward, U.S. Representative Cecil Jackson and Columbus Mayor Jon Spector are all likely to run.

Bob Corker (Tennessee)

Tennessee Governor Bob Corker is term-limited in 2014.

Possible Nationalist candidates include Attorney General Doug Clark, U.S. Representative Todd McCall and state Sen. George Moore. Possible Democratic candidates including state Sen. Joe Morris, state Rep. Bill Mahoney and Shelby County Executive Roy Woods.

Gresham Barrett (South Carolina)

South Carolina Governor Gresham Barrett is term-limited in 2014.

Term-limited Democratic incumbents

Nationalist incumbents running for re-election


Incumbent Nationalist Governor Tim James will seek a second term in office, and will face State Senator Paige Carter in the primary. Former U.S. Representative and Mayor of Montgomery Bobby Bright is unopposed for the Democratic nomination.


Incumbent Nationalist Governor Dave Alward is running for a record third four-year term. He will face State Senator Mark Tucker and State Rep. Blaine Higgs in the June primary.

On the Democratic side, U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud is unopposed in the primary, after Attorney General Luke Hampton withdrew his candidacy to run for Michaud's seat instead.


Incumbent Bob Daniels is unchallenged for nomination on the Nationalist side. Former Senator Steven Spielberg is unchallenged for the Democratic nomination.


Incumbent Nationalist Governor John Elway will face Secretary of State Scott Gessler in the primary. On the Democratic side, U.S. Rep. Darren Eckherd will face Attorney General Tom Spotter. State Senate Majority Leader Peter Amblin withdrew from the race in December of 2013 to run for Eckherd's seat.


Incumbent Nationalist Ben Kemp and his Lieutenant Governor Christy Clark will face Thompson County Executive Nancy Cooney and her running mate, State Rep. Mark Preston in the May 6 primary, which the incumbent is heavily favored to win.

On the Democratic side, there is an open primary between Holt County Executive Jeff Busch (running mate Amber McCord, a former Navy Lieutenant and a member of the Miller County Council), CEO of the Pacifica State Port Authority Paula Pozlowski (running mate State Rep. Jordan Foster), and 2010 Lieutenant Governor nominee State Sen. Alexis Masuka (running mate Brian Pouth, a Sahalee social activist and former President of the University of Pacifica Associated Student Congress).

Nationalist incumbents eligible to run for re-election

Democratic incumbents running for re-election

Democratic incumbents eligible to run for re-election

Independent running for re-election (1)

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