<none United States Assembly 1793 >
All 65 seats in the Assembly, 33 needed for majority
Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson
Leader Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson
Party Federalist Anti-Federalist
Seats 37 28
Votes 115,090 89,153
Percentage 50.67% 39.25%

E.M. after election:

George Washington

The United States General election of 1789 was the nation's first on the national level.  sixty-five delegates, in total, were elected to the Assembly, representing the thirteen states at the time.  Only the lower chamber, the Assembly, was directly elected.  The upper house, the Senate, was elected after delegates were seated for each state by the relevant state's delegation from a list of candiates nominated by the state's legislature.   

Most candidates ran as either proponents or opponents of the new constitution, and so are grouped into Federalists and Anti-Federalists.  Several candidate's positions are, in retrospect, unknown, so can not be categorized into either party; none of these was elected (that is why we don't know their positions) but they received a total of 22,899 votes, or 10.08%.

Senate Election

Senators were elected to either a four or eight year term by their state delegation in the Assembly after being nominated by their state's legislature.  Sentaors were elected by slate voting, so in most cases the party controlling the state's delegation chose all of that state's senators.  New York was the exception (it was represented by three Federalists and three Democratic-Republicans); the delegation eventually elected two federalists and one Democratic Republican to the Senate.

Senate Partisan Makeup

Federalists 15
Anti-Federalists 13
Total 28

Executive Magistrate

The Executive magistrate was elected by joint ballot of both houses.  Rather than the two parties competing for the office, the nation's war-hero, George Washington, was elected by a unanimous vote of all 93 members.

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