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United States Senate elections, 2008
Class III (34 of the 100) seats in the United States Senate
November 2, 2004
Majority party Minority party
225px-Jon Kyl, official 109th Congress photo 153px-Tom Daschle, official Senate photo
Leader Jon Kyl Tom Daschle
Party Republican Democratic
Leader's seat Tennessee South Dakota
Last election 67 plus 1 Independent 32 (including 1 Independent)
Seats won 72 plus 1 Independent 28 (including 1 Independent)
Seat change +5 -5
Popular vote 50,920,562 36,754,618
Percentage 60.2% 40.8%
Swing +5.0% -5.1%
800px-2008 Senate election results map.svg
  Republican hold
  Republican pickups
  Democratic hold
  Democratic pickup

Previous Majority Leader
Jon Kyl

Majority Leader-elect
Jon Kyl


Senate Republicans picked up another five seats while losing none of their own. Voters fury over the various scandals involving former Presidents CLinton and Blago along with congressional scandals involving Representative Jefferson of Louisiana and Charles Rangel of New York.

Most Republicans were elected with little opposition with only Wayne Allard, John E. Sununu and Gordon Smith facing somewhat competitive races. Dick Durban, Frank Lautenburg, John Kerry, Max Baucus and Carl Levin were the five Democrats defeated.

Winning candidate in bold
Retiring Senator in Gray
Democratic pickup in Blue
Republican pickup in Red
State Incumbent Party Status Opposing Candidates
Alabama Jeff Sessions Republican Re-elected, 83.4% Vivian Davis Figures (Democratic) 16.5%
Alaska Sarah Palin Republican Elected, 56.6% Mark Begich (Democratic) 44.3%
Arkansas Mike Huckabee Republican Reelected 70.5% Mark Pryor (Democratic),29.5%
Colorado Wayne Allard Republican Re-elected 52.8 Mark Udall (Democratic) 42.5%
Delaware Joe Biden Democratic Re-elected, 64.7% Christine O'Donnell (Republican) 35.3%
Georgia Saxby Chambliss Republican General: 99.8%

Allen Buckley (Libertarian) General: 1.2% (eliminated)
Idaho Larry Craig Republican Retired, Republican victory Jim Risch (Republican) 97.7%
Larry LaRocco (Democratic) 1.1%
Rex Rammell (Independent) 1.4%
Kent Marmon (Libertarian) 1.5%
Illinois Richard Durbin Democratic Defeated, 47.8% Mark Kirk (Republican) 53.2%
Iowa Tom Harkin Democratic Re-elected, 52.7% Christopher Reed 47.3%
Kansas Pat Roberts Republican Re-elected, 100.0% None
Kentucky Raud Paul Republican Re-elected, 60.0% Bruce Lunsford (Democratic) 40.0%
Louisiana Mary Landrieu Democratic Re-elected, 52.0% John Kennedy (Republican) 48.0%
Maine Susan Collins Republican Re-elected, 71.3% Tom Allen (Democratic) 28.6%
Massachusetts John Kerry Democratic Defeated, 49.0% Mitt Romney (Republican) 51.0%
Michigan Carl Levin Democratic Defeated, 40.0% Candice Miller (Republican) 60.0%
Minnesota Norm Coleman Republican Re-Elected, 61.0% Al Franken (Democratic) 39.0%
Mississippi Thad Cochran Republican Re-elected, 99.9% None
Mississippi Roger Wicker Republican Elected, 65.0% Ronnie Musgrove (Democrat) 35.0%
Montana Max Baucus Democratic Defeated, 44% Harrison Ford (Republican) 56%
Nebraska Chuck Hagel Republican Retired, Republican victory Mike Johanns (Republican) 99.9%
New Hampshire John E. Sununu Republican Reelected, 55.2% Jeanne Shaheen (Democratic) 41.7%
Ken Blevens (Libertarian) 3.1%
New Jersey Frank Lautenberg Democratic Defeated, 49.0% Dick Zimmerman (Republican) 51.0%
New Mexico Pete Domenici Republican Re-Elected 91.0% Minor Parties 9.0%
North Carolina Elizabeth Dole Republican Reelected, 96.9% Chris Cole (Libertarian) 3.1%
Oklahoma Jim Inhofe Republican Re-elected, 86.7% Andrew Rice (Democratic) 9.2%
Stephen Wallace (Independent) 4.1%
Oregon Gordon Smith Republican Reelected, 55.0% Jeff Merkley (Democratic) 45.0%
Rhode Island Jack Reed Democratic Re-elected, 73.4% Robert Tingle (Republican) 26.6%
South Carolina Lindsey Graham Republican Re-elected, 67.5% Bob Conley (Democratic) 32.3%
Tennessee Lamar Alexander Republican Re-elected, 75.1% Bob Tuke (Democratic) 25.0%
Texas John Cornyn Republican Re-elected, 64.8% Rick Noriegan (Democratic) 32.8%
Yvonne Adams Schick (Libertarian) 2.3%
Virginia John Warner Republican Reelected 99.9% None
West Virginia Jay Rockefeller Democratic Re-elected, 63.7% Jay Wolfe (Republican) 36.3%
Wyoming Mike Enzi Republican Re-elected, 75.6% Chris Rothfuss (Democratic) 24.3%
Wyoming John Barrasso Republican Elected, 73.4% Nick Carter (Democratic) 26.5%