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2002 United States 2006
United States Senate elections, 2004
Class III (34 of the 100) seats in the United States Senate
November 2, 2004
Majority party Minority party
180px-Bill Frist official photo 153px-Tom Daschle, official Senate photo
Leader Bill Frist Tom Daschle
Party Republican Democratic
Leader's seat Tennessee South Dakota
Last election 55 seats 45 seats (including 1 Independent)
Seats won 61 39 (including 1 Independent)
Seat change +6 -6
Popular vote 40,920,562 43,754,618
Percentage 46.3% 49.8%
Swing -5.0% +5.1%
800px-2004 Senate election map.svg
  Republican hold
  Republican pickups
  Democratic hold
  Democratic pickup

Previous Majority Leader
Bill Frist

Majority Leader-elect
Bill Frist

Senate contests in 2004

Bold = Winning Candidate Blue = Democrat pickup Red = Republican pickup Gray = Retiring Senator

State Incumbent Party Status Candidates
Alabama Richard Shelby Republican Re-elected, 68% Wayne Sowell (Democrat) 32%
Alaska Lisa Murkowski Republican Elected, 48.6% Tony Knowles (Democrat) 45.5%
Marc Millican (Independent) 2.9%
Jerry Sanders (Alaskan Independence) 1.2%
Jim Sykes (Green) 1%
Scott Kohlhaas (Libertarian Party) 0.4%
Arizona John McCain Republican Re-elected, 76% Stuart Starky (Democrat) 21%
Ernest Hancock (Libertarian) 3%
Arkansas Blanche Lincoln Democratic Re-elected, 56% Jim Holt (Republican) 44%
California Barbara Boxer Democratic Re-elected, 57.7% Bill Jones (Republican) 37.8%
Colorado Ben Nighthorse Campbell Republican Retired: Republican Hold Ken Salazar (Democrat) 41.3%
Pete Coors (Republican) 56.5%
Connecticut Christopher Dodd Democratic Re-elected, 66% Jack Orchulli (Republican) 32%
Timothy Knibbs (C) 1%
Lenny Rasch (L) 1%
Florida Bob Graham Democratic Retired: Republican victory Mel Martinez (Republican) 49%
Betty Castor (Democratic) 48%
Dennis Bradley (Veterans) 2%
Georgia Zell Miller Democratic Retired: Republican victory Johnny Isakson (Republican) 58%
Denise Majette (Democrat) 40%
Allen Buckley (Libertarian) 2%
Hawaii Daniel Inouye Democratic Re-elected, 76% Campbell Cavasso (Republican) 21%
James Brewer (Independent) 2%
Lloyd Mallan (Libertarian) 1%
Idaho Mike Crapo Republican Re-elected, 99% Write-in for Scott McClure (Democrat) 1%
Illinois Peter Fitzgerald
Republican Retired: Democratic victory Barack Obama (Democrat) 70%
Alan Keyes (Republican) 27%
Albert Franzen (Independent) 2%
Jerry Kohn (Libertarian) 1%
Indiana Evan Bayh Democratic Re-elected, 52% Marvin Scott (Republican) 47%
Albert Barger (Libertarian) 1%
Iowa Chuck Grassley Republican Re-elected, 80.1% Arthur Small (Democrat) 17.9%
Christy Welty (Libertarian) 1%
Daryl Northrop (Green) 0.8%
Edwin Fruit (Socialist Workers) 0.1%
Kansas Sam Brownback Republican Re-elected, 69% Lee Jones (Democrat) 28%
Stephen A. Rosile (Libertarian) 2%
George Cook (Reform) 1%
Kentucky Jim Bunning Republican Re-elected, 61% Daniel Mongiardo (Democrat) 39%
Louisiana John Breaux Democratic Retired: Republican victory David Vitter (Republican) 52%
Chris John (Democrat) 29%
John N. Kennedy (Democrat) 15%
Arthur Morrell (Democrat) 3%
Richard Fontanesi (Independent) 1%
R.A. Galan (Independent) 1%
Sam Melton (Democrat) 1%
Maryland Barbara Mikulski Democratic Re-elected, 64.8% E. J. Pipkin (Republican) 33.7%
Maria Allwine (Green) 1.1%
Thomas Trump (Constitution) 0.4%
Missouri Kit Bond Republican Re-elected, 66% Nancy Farmer (Democrat) 32.8%
Kevin Tull (Libertarian) 0.7%
Don Griffin (Constitution) 0.4%
Nevada Harry Reid 40% Democratic Defeated Art Bell (Republican) 60%
New Hampshire Judd Gregg Republican Re-elected, 66% Doris Haddock (Democrat) 34%
New York Chuck Schumer Democratic Defeated, 49% George Pataki (Republican) 51%
North Carolina, 2004 John Edwards Democratic Retired: Republican victory Richard Burr (Republican) 52%
Erskine Bowles (Democrat) 47%
Tom Bailey (Libertarian) 1%
North Dakota Byron Dorgan Democratic-NPL Re-elected, 58% Mike Liffrig (Republican) 42%
Ohio George Voinovich Republican Re-elected, 74% Eric Fingerhut (Democrat) 26%
Oklahoma Don Nickles Republican Retired: Republican victory Tom Coburn (Republican) 63%
Brad Carson (Democrat) 31%
Sheila Bilyeu (Independent) 6%
Oregon] Ron Wyden Democratic Party of Oregon Re-elected, 63% Al King (Republican) 32%
Teresa Keane (Pacific Green Party) 2%
Dan Fitzgerald
Pennsylvania Arlen Specter Republican Re-elected, 53% Joe Hoeffel (Democrat) 42%
South Carolina Ernest "Fritz" Hollings Democratic Retired: Republican victory Jim DeMint (Republican) 53.7%
Inez Tenenbaum (Democrat) 44.1%
South Dakota Tom Daschle Democratic Defeated, 51% Jeff Jarrett (Republican) 49%
Utah Robert Foster Bennett Republican Re-elected, 69% Paul Van Dam (Democrat) 28%
Gary R. Van Horn (Constitution) 2%
Joe Labontel (Personal Choice) 1%
Vermont Patrick Leahy Democratic Re-elected, 70.6% Jack McMullen (Republican) 24.5%
Washington Patty Murray Democratic Re-elected, 55% George Nethercutt (Republican) 43%
J. Mills (Libertarian) 1%
Mark Wilson (Green) 1%
Wisconsin Russ Feingold Democratic Re-elected, 52.4% Tim Michels (Republican) 47.1%
Arif Khan (Libertarian) 0.3%
Eugene Hem (Independent) 0.2%

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