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United States Senate elections, 1988
35 out of 100 seats in the United States Senate, 51 needed for majority
November 8, 1988
Majority party Minority party
Bob Dole1 George Mitchell1
Leader Bob Dole George Mitchell
Party Republican Democratic
Leader's seat Kansas Maine
Last election 45 seats 55 seats
Seats before 45 54
Seats after 56 44
Seat change +11 -10
Popular vote 27,822,777 22,663,186
Percentage 53.1% 46.7%
Swing +2.2% -1.7%
Majority Leader before election
Robert Byrd
Elected Majority Leader
Bob Dole

The Senate elections of 1988 were held on November 8, 1988 and coincided with the landslide third-term reelection of Ronald Reagan. They featured Reagan's Republican Party gaining back the Senate which they had lost in the 1986 midterms. The Republicans also gained control of the House, and they would lose neither house of Congress until the 1998 midterms.  This solidified their status as a majority party.