List of current members of the United States Senate

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SenatorStateParty First electedSeat Up
Mark Begich Alaska Independent 2008 2014
Ione Christensen Alaska Democrat 2008 2014
Jim Bunning Appalachia Republican 1998 2010
Robert Byrd Appalachia Democrat 1986 2010
Jeff Bingaman Arizona Independent 1983 2014
Pete Domenici Arizona Independent 1973 2014
Aztlan Independent 2008 2014
Aztlan 2008 2014
Hubert Ingraham Bahamas Independent 2009 2014
Alvin Smith Bahamas Independent 2009 2014
Alejandro González Alcocer Baja California Independent 2008 2014
Harry Reid Baja California Independent 1986 2014
Barbara Boxer California Democrat 1986 2010
Dianne Feinstein California Independent 1986 2010
Orrin Hatch Deseret Libertarian 2000 2012
Paul Van Dam Deseret Libertarian 2000 2012
Thad Cochran Dixie Libertarian 1998 2010
Max Cleland Dixie Independent 2002 2016
Betty Castor Florida Democrat 1992 2006
Bill Nelson Florida Independent 1992 2006
Al Franken Illinois Democrat 2008 2014
Richard Durbin Illinois Independent 1997 2014
Ted Kennedy New England Democrat 1996 2014
Patrick Leahy New England Independent 2004 2010
Daniel Inouye Hawaii Independent 2008 2014
Daniel Kahikina Akaka Hawaii Independent 2008 2014
Richard Lugar Ohio Independent 1995 2012
Carl Levinr Michigan Independent 2002 2014
Chuck Grassley Iowa Republican 1992 2006

Jim Bunning

Independent: 59 Libertarian: 27 Democrat: 12 Republican: 4

Majority Leader:Richard Lugar (I)
Majority Whip: Richard Durbin (I)
Minority Leader: Orin Hatch (L)
Minority Whip: Arlen Specter (L)
President pro tempore: Robert Byrd

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