The United States Presidential election of 2000 was contested on November 7, 2000 to elect a President of the United States. Incumbent Socialist President Mario Cuomo was term-limited and thus could not seek the office again, and so with an open-seat there was a wide swath of candidates from both major parties seeking their respective nominations. On the Democratic side, then-unknown Senator Dan Quayle of Indiana wound up winning the New Hampshire primaries over New Hampshire Senator Robert C. Smith, viewed as a tremendous upset, and went on to win the nomination despite his fourth-place finish in Iowa. Incumbent Socialist Vice President Joseph I. Lieberman was defeated in the Socialist primaries by the insurgent campaign of Senator Bill Bradley of New Jersey, who coalesced left-wing support after Senator Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois withdrew. Bradley went on to lose narrowly to Quayle and New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman in the general election.

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