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United States Presidential election, 1992
November 3, 1992
Johnburwin Robert Redford
Candidate John Burwin Robert Redford
Party Democratic National
Running mate Mario Cuomo George Bush
Electoral vote 378 230
1992 Election NW
Blue denotes Burwin/Cuomo, Red denotes Redford/Bush

The 1992 United States Presidential election was held on November 3, 1992, in which incumbent President Robert Redford of the National Party faced former Sequoyah Governor John D. Burwin of the Democratic Party. Following three successive Nationalist victories, Burwin won, aligning what he referred to as the "New Coalition" due to its marriage of Northeastern liberals, West Coast moderates and Southern conservatives. Burwin's victory was attributed to fatigue with the increasingly conservative Nationalists, numerous alienating public gaffes by Redford coupled with high-level scandals within the administration and a steep recession.